It was probably going to be a good night for once.
            Trevor was smiling as he looked around Taggerty's. It was fairly crowded but not too much so, and the music on the jukebox was thumping over everything. He smiled contentedly as he made his drinks, standing behind the bar, making comments left and right to the patrons lined up at the railing. Things were finally starting to look better. Trevor took another glance around the room, happy for once to be completely Faith free. He hadn't seen her anywhere.
            "There you go, tiger." He said as he handed a handsome young man his drinks. "Hey, I have a little godly hunch that it's gonna be a good night for you... I can feel it. And hopefully, you'll feel it too before the night's over if things go really well.. I have faith, man." Trevor blinked, realizing what he had said, and awkwardly trying to correct himself. "Wait... umm, I mean that I believe. Yeah, that's... that's what I meant. Go get her, studly. Show a love god how it's done."
            "Thanks Trevor."
            Trevor watched the man leave, eyes following him across the bar. That guy was one of the several little schemes he had going on all across the room, trying to set up couples. He effortlessly kept track of all of them at the same time, for once completely on his game. So far, so good. No slaps. No drinks in the face. No problems. Everything was running smoothly. Maybe the dry spell was finally over. Maybe he really had just been paranoid.
            It helped that Faith wasn't there. It helped that he didn't have to second guess himself because of her. He wished Claire were around, so he could tell her that he was back to his old self. And maybe to gloat a little. Ok, maybe a lot. Looking up, he watched the man he had just given the drinks to walk across the room, smiling. Then Trevor's eyes stopped, backtracking when he saw someone new. He watched carefully, looking at a red headed woman, seated alone at one of the tables near the bar. Nice figure. Very cure. Maybe he could find...
            Trevor's eyes suddenly widened. His heart sank when he realized who it was. It was Faith, disguised in a red wig, sitting nearby. She was trying her best to blend in, keeping to herself, but Trevor recognized her instantly.
            He threw down his towel, hands angrily unknotting the apron he wore around his waist. Trevor had had enough. This was it. Stepping out from behind the bar, he headed over towards Faith, fully prepared to confront her and ask her to leave immediately.
            As he strode resolutely towards her, Faith still had her back to him. But Trevor never made it over to where she was, interrupted instead by two pretty, laughing coeds who were obviously having a particularly good time, stumbling nervously out of the crowd. Smiling, they stepped in front of his path, stopping him in his tracks as they started to flirt rather heavily with him.
            "Excuse me," The brunette smiled at Trevor as she spoke. Behind her, the blonde that was with her looked him up and down appreciatively. "Is it really true that you're actually the god of love like everyone says?"
            Trevor's mouth paused, glancing over at Faith in her disguise, only a few feet away. He could tell she was listening, even with her back turned. Her shoulders were tensed with awareness. Trevor looked back at the eager coed smiling before him. "Ummm... No. I'm not. Sorry. You must have me confused with someone else..."
            With her face still turned away from him, Faith blinked at what Trevor said, confused, not understanding. But she didn't turn around.

            "She did what?" Claire said.
            Richard sighed in his office, holding the phone to his ear as he answered her. "I only just heard about it myself, Claire. I was just on my way out of my office when I got the call. Mary shut down her Eros Society today. She disbanded the whole chapter."
            Claire blinked, considering the new information. She was holding her cell phone to her ear as she drove her car, the other hand in a fist on the top of her steering wheel. "But... why would she do that?"
            Richard shrugged, even though he knew Claire couldn't see him. Standing in his office, he was still gathering his things for home as he spoke into the phone. "I don't know. Perhaps it's some sort of pre-emptive strike. You know, shutting it down on her own terms before the university closes it down for her like they did in New York. Maybe she shut it down to keep some sense of control..."
            Claire shook her head, phone against her ear as she rounded a street corner with her car. The light of the sunset slid across her windshield. "But if her previous reaction is an indication, her Eros Society was a major part of her delusion. It meant a lot to her, Richard. How could she so easily , so willingly, give it all up?"
            Richard didn't seem concerned. "I'm sure it's nothing. One of the students mentioned that 'Faith' said she had to devote more time to her new 'mission'. Whatever that is. That's probably all it means."
            A chill went threw Claire as she drove, her voice a whisper. "Trevor..."
            Richard didn't understand. "Hmm?"
            "Trevor's the mission. My god, that's it."
            Richard shook his head. "Trevor? I doubt that's it. Really, there's nothing to worry about, Claire. She's just adjusting the parameters of her coping mechanism so that-"
            Claire seemed worried, her car turning another corner. "No, Richard. You don't understand. I spoke with Mary yesterday. I mean... Faith. At Taggerty's. She told me that now she believes that the sole purpose for her whole life was to reach this point. To help Trevor. To stop me from 'curing' him. To keep him the god of love. Don't you see? You told me how fragile she is. She's consolidating. Putting all her eggs in one basket--"
            Richard shut his briefcase, grabbing his coat. "It's just a coping phase. It'll pass."
            Claire shook her head, sunlight in her eyes. "No it won't, Richard. With all her eggs in one basket, there's a greater chance that they'll crack. That her house of cards will finally fall apart. She could have another self destructive little episode. Faith's become obsessed with Trevor. And he's already told me that he's really getting tired of her attentions. I don't know what Trevor will do. Faith could get hurt if he rejects her."
            Richard smiled at Claire's concerns, already leaving his office, turning back to lock his door. "I think you're over reacting. Mary will be fine. Maybe getting rid of the Eros Society is a good step. Maybe she's finally letting go of some of her delusion, and I can finally get to the core problems I suspect the delusion's covering."
            "But what if-"
            Richard laughed softly at her persistence, finding it charming. "Look, I'll see if I can schedule an appointment with Mary tomorrow. It'll be fine. I'm sure it can wait until then. I just decided to call you about this because I thought that you would like to know. No other ulterior motives. Like... I don't know, wanting to talk to you or anything. Really, I swear..." Richard grinned to himself.
            Even Claire didn't believe that, smiling. "Right..."
            "It'll be fine, Claire. I've been working with Mary for several months now. It's just going to take some time for her to get better. And as long as there are no major disruptions to whatever this new delusional construct of her's is, she'll be fine..."

            Faith couldn't believe what she was hearing.
            The two coeds were still talking to Trevor, standing near Faith and asking him more questions, openly flirting with him. They seemed a little confused by his denials, but they weren't giving up, not completely buying his story.
            "Oh come on," The blond smiled, touching Trevor's arm. "Are you sure that you're not Cupid? Because I know that you're exactly how one of my girlfriends described you to me... And that's a good thing."
            Trevor shrugged, taking a quick glance at Faith's back where he knew she was still listening. "What can I tell you. I ain't him. Sorry."
            "Are you sure?" The woman looked at him seductively. "Because me and Becky were really... REALLY, looking for a god of love tonight. We were hoping he could... umm, teach both of us a few things." She bit her lower lip provocatively. "Together."
            Trevor seemed uncomfortable, maybe from a sudden lack of blood to his brain. "I'm really... REALLY, sorry. You," Trevor coughed, feeling very aware of his whole body at that moment. "You have NO idea how sorry. But I'm not him."

            Claire still held the phone against her ear, not really convinced by what Richard had said. She sighed anyway, eyes on the road in front of her. "Ok, Richard. I guess you're right. And thank's for calling me about Faith, by the way."
            Richard smiled, stopping in the hallway outside his office. "Sure. No problem. I'm glad we're collaborating on this Dr. Allen. But I was wondering... would it be okay if I called you again? Updates and such?"
            Claire smiled, enjoying the long absent attention of someone like Richard. "Sure. Updates will be fine."
            "Updates over, say... dinner sometime?"
            Claire laughed. "I'll have to get back to you on that one." She grinned at his latest attempt. "But we'll keep in touch about this. I promise. Thank you, Richard."
            He nodded happily. "No problem. I'll call you tomorrow if I learn anything new."
            "Or even if you don't, I imagine."
            "Just trying to be thorough. Goodbye, Claire."
            "Goodbye, Richard."
            Richard turned off the cell phone and dropped it into his coat pocket with a grin. He couldn't help it. He was calling Claire tomorrow. It seemed like a promising beginning. Exhaling, he thought about Claire with a smile. "Well... that's a good start."
            Richard finally walked away from his office, done for the day as he headed home.
            Claire lowered the phone from her ear as she drove. Her smile at Richard's flirting slowly began to fade. She couldn't explain it. She knew he was handsome, charming. But something was missing. She just didn't feel... something. Not the same something she felt with... Suddenly Claire felt guilty talking to him and she didn't know why. Slowly, she grew more worried as she thought more and more about what Faith had done. Faith was devoting herself to Trevor. Claire knew it. Richard didn't seem all that concerned, but it bothered Claire.
            Her brow furrowed slightly. Maybe it really was nothing. But she should at least tell Trevor what had happened. Besides, she hadn't seen him lately, and this was as good an excuse as any to do that. And the thought of seeing him, made her feel better somehow.
            Claire was about to turn the car towards Taggerty's when she realized she had sub-consciously been driving there all along. The front windows of the bar were already there in front of her. A new smile formed on her face as she thought about Trevor, pulling up to the curb. As she got out, the last rays of the sun disappeared behind some storm clouds moving slowly in overhead.

            The two coeds seemed supremely disappointed by Trevor's continued refusals. "Oh well. That's really a shame." The pretty blonde smiled, tilting her head. "If you suddenly change your mind... you know where to find us. Both of us."
            Trevor nodded, smiling. "Unfortunately, I doubt that I'll get that lucky."
            The brunette smiled. "Never say never..." The two women walked away, and a man sitting at the bar behind Trevor, having overheard, turned around and grabbed Trevor's arm. "Are you nuts?"
            Trevor laughed. "Depends who you ask."
            "Do you know what you just turned down?"
            Trevor sighed, watching both of the shapely coeds walk away. "Believe me, I know."
            "Why did you say all that stuff to them? Last week when you tried to set me up with that figure skater, you told me that you were Cupid."
            "Umm..." Trevor looked over to where he knew Faith was eavesdropping, keeping his voice level. "Well... I'm coming clean. I'm not him. OK? It's all been an act. I'm not the god of love. Never was..."
            Faith blinked, bewildered as she listened. She had heard everything. Pulling back, she seemed shocked at what Trevor had said, confused at what he was doing. No longer caring about her disguise, Faith slowly turned in her seat to look at Trevor, her expression dumbfounded.
            Trevor stared Faith straight in the eye as he stood there, feeling angry, his face hard. But he didn't say anything to her. Instead he walked past her and across the bar, heading for the stage, knowing what he had to do. It was time for some drastic measures on his part.
            As Faith watched him, Trevor bounded up on the empty stage platform, spreading his arms as he turned towards the crowd.
            "Hey! Listen up everyone. Everybody. Over here! Guy trying to talk here!"
            The busy crowd went quiet, as every eye in Taggerty's turned towards Trevor once he got their attention.
            "Ok. Listen up everyone. I've got something to say." Trevor looked down and swallowed, trying to get the courage to continue.
            The front door to Taggerty's opened, and Claire walked in, smiling. She quickly noticed where everyone was looking and her eyes followed them to Trevor. He looked like he was about to make an announcement, standing there in front of the crowd. Claire blinked, wondering what was going on, when she recognized Faith in the crowd. Faith was watching Trevor with a confused expression on her face as Claire stepped forward.
            Trevor continued. "Hey guys. Hope you're all having a good time tonight. I, uhh... I hate to break this too you but..." Trevor seemed reluctant, glancing quickly at Faith before he continued. "Uhhh... I have a confession to make, and I just wanted the whole bar to hear it. Just so you all know, I won't be setting up couples anymore. I'm done doing that. Because I am not now, nor have ever been, CUPID the god of love. It was all an act, OK? It wasn't real. And it's over now. I'm not Cupid. That's... that's all." Trevor stepped off the stage.
            Claire eyes widened at what Trevor had just done, her worst fears coming to life. From where she was sitting, Faith seemed shocked too by what Trevor had just said, whispering softly to herself. "No..."
            The room was full of confused faces as Trevor walked back towards the bar. Claire looked over once at Faith with concern, before pushing her way through the crowd towards Trevor. "Trevor... Trevor!" She tried to get his attention, but he didn't hear.
            Trevor heard the murmur around him and he stopped, calling out to the room again. "Just to recap! Not Cupid. NOT!" He pointed to himself. "Just Trevor Hale. Ordinary mortal. No Cupid to be found! Thanks for your time..."
            "Trevor!" Claire whispered angrily as she finally reached him. She grabbed his arm and yanked him away, dragging him off to one side. She was absolutely incredulous. "Trevor! What are you doing?"
            Trevor looked at her, blinking a little at Claire's reaction. "I'm going on vacation. I've got to get a Mary off my back."
            Claire looked around at all the nearby customers in ear shot, and she yanked him forcefully away, pulling him angrily to a more secluded corner.
            "Trevor, why did you say all that!" Claire whispered angrily. "You can't just play games like this! Things like this have real consequences, on REAL people! This isn't some shooting gallery test range for the amusement of the gods. This is real life! You can't do this!"
            Trevor looked into her eyes, not really understanding. "What? Why not? I just told everyone in this bar that I was no longer Cupid, the god of love. You, of all people, should be happy for me."
            Claire was upset. "Well, I know better Trevor! I know it's not that easy! I know you're only doing it to try and get rid of Faith!"
            Trevor didn't see why she was so upset. "But this is what you always wanted. Isn't it?" He looked into Claire's beautiful brown eyes. Her face seemed so near, as they whispered frantically to each other.
            Claire paused, sighing. "Yes it is, Trevor. That is what I want. But this... isn't that. Not when I know the real reasons why you're doing this! Trevor... Look, I shouldn't tell you this but... Mary's a 'patient', OK? She's a patient of Dr. Dehnt."
            Trevor grinned, leaning closer, turning his ear towards her. "A what?"
            "A patient, Trevor. She's in therapy."
            Trevor smiled, teasing her as he pulled back. "Wow, you really do have a problem keeping that doctor-patient confidentiality thing going, don't you?"
            "Trevor!" Claire seemed exasperated, grabbing his arm. "This is serious!"
            "Umm, sure..." Trevor nodded in agreement, suddenly distracted as he looked down at her touching him. With Claire's hand on his arm like that, he probably would have agreed with anything she said. "Serious... right. Absolutely, Claire."
            Claire continued, talking softly, hoping no one else could hear her. "Faith's in therapy, Trevor. She's a patient and she need help. She's very fragile right now. Faith shut down her Eros Society today. And I'm almost positive it's to devote more time to... well,you."
            "Then all the more reason why I should-"
            "No, Trevor! It's not! Can't you see that she's betting everything on you now? Her entire delusion is built on you! She could be adversely affected if you suddenly 'claim' not to be Cupid. So..." Claire nodded, looking into Trevor's eyes.
            Trevor finally got it. "Wait. You're encouraging me to BE Cupid? Wow. That's a switch."
            "No, Trevor. I don't want you to be Cupid. I really wish this little public confessional you just performed was actually real. But you can't just rip away Mary's facade like that."
            "Wait, I'm confused. Are we talking about Mary or Faith?"
            Claire waved it off. "Same difference...."
            "Claire, I..." Trevor shook his head. "I can't do this anymore! It's the only way I know to get her off my back. I can't do my job with her hanging around!"
            "Trevor, listen to me. I'm not sure she's ready for something like this-"
            "Well I've had it, Claire. Maybe it's time for some tough love..." Trevor's jaw hardened as he looked over at Faith. He started to walk over to her.
            Claire quickly tried to grab him, but he was out of reach. "Trevor, no! Trevor!" She sighed to herself, her voice soft and resigned. "Like he ever listens to me..." Taking a breath, Claire followed in his footsteps, walking right behind and not giving up as she whispered to him.
            "Trevor. Trevor, don't... Trevor!"
            Claire was about to protest further but she stopped when they came closer to Faith. Claire stepped back, trying to look calm and not exacerbate the situation, hoping for the best.
            Faith looked up as Trevor approached, still a little confused. Trevor smiled at her.
            "Faith, hello. Didn't see you there. Could I talk to you for a second..."
            Claire touched Trevor's shoulder again, whispering to get his attention. "Trevor..." He waved her away, throwing an arm around Faith once she rose from her chair. Guiding her away, they started to walk.
            "Faith, I'm sorry it's come to this."
            Faith looked at him. "What's... what's going on? What was with that little speech you just made? Why were you saying those things?"
            Trevor nodded. "Right. The Cupid thing. I never wanted to lie to you, Faith. To be honest, I never expected anyone to take it seriously. It was all just a goof... a fun little act at first. I never meant to hurt anybody. But I see that you really do believe me, and I can't lie to you anymore."
            Faith blinked. "What are you saying?"
            He squeezed her shoulder in sympathy. "Look. I'm coming clean with you. I'm not really Cupid. I'm actually... I'm actually R.P. Hale. I was a professor. A professor of Classical Mythology at NYU. This entire Cupid thing's been a lie. I needed it for awhile, but I don't anymore. Of course, Claire found out who I really was right off. I mean, first day. But I couldn't admit it to her. I just couldn't. So I kept up the act because, well... I'm attracted to Claire. I think.... I think I might love her. I don't know why, but..." Trevor's voice suddenly softened with sincere emotion. "I can't get enough of her. She's in my every thought, my... my every dream. It's like she's a part of me. A part I never knew I had. And I know that if I'm cured... that if I'm ever fixed, I'll never see her again. I couldn't accept that. So I played the lie. And did my best to believe it. Until today. Today I realize that I can't live my life that way anymore. It's hurting you, and it's hurting me. I'll just have to take my chances as a ordinary man. Because that's what I am. I'm sorry I had to tell you all this..."
            Faith looked at him in disbelief. "But... that's not true."
            Trevor nodded. "It is true. I've never told anyone the whole truth before. It feels... liberating."
            Faith's eyes were suddenly full of desperation. "But... but what about your hundred beads? What about you getting home to Olympus. Going to a home where it's safe?"
            Trevor shook his head. "I'm not going to do any of that anymore. Setting up couples, all that. It's over. I'm done. No more beads. No more matches. It's..." Trevor sighed. "It's the way it is."
            "No..." Faith watched him, feeling her world shatter. "No... It's not true. I don't believe it. Why are you doing this to me? Haven't I been faithful enough?"
            "I'm not doing anything to you, Faith."
            There was an anger simmering in Faith's voice. "Wait... She did this, didn't she?"
            "Claire. She's finally convinced you. You're doing this because of her. She's made you stop believing that you're Cupid."
            Trevor sighed. "You got that in reverse. I was doing the Cupid thing for her in the first place. But I'm doing this for me. I just can't leave things like this anymore. I'm not Cupid. I never was."
            Faith actually stepped back, her face stunned, hurt. She couldn't believe what she had just heard. Finally she shook her head, deciding not to believe it.
            "No. It's not true. You're really Cupid, Trevor. I know you are. You're a god. You're immortal. You're really Cupid even if you no longer believe it yourself."
            Trevor didn't seem upset. He stepped back from her, lifting his hands in surrender. "I don't know what to tell you, Faith. I'm not Cupid. Sorry. I can't make you believe me."
            Trevor turned and walked away, leaving Faith standing there in the middle of the crowded, happy room. He walked up to Claire, pausing as he passed her, to whisper quietly into her ear, not looking back to where Faith was. "I didn't want to have to do that, Claire. I really didn't."
            With a sigh, Trevor walked away, heading for the bar. Claire looked over at Faith, watching her carefully. She was worried, wondering how Faith would react.
            Faith still stood in the middle of the bar, stunned. She blinked, shell shocked by what Trevor had just said. Then she shook her head no, turning away, not seeing Claire there at first. But finally she did see Claire there, and she glared at her coldly, as if this were all Claire's fault. Claire was about to say something to her, but Faith shook her head in disgust, turning away.
            Claire's brow furrowed in concern, watching Faith walk away. She had seen it in Faith's eyes. Faith didn't believe it. She didn't believe Trevor. She hadn't changed her mind. She still believed that Trevor was Cupid. And now Faith blamed her. But beneath all that, Claire had seen something else. Hurt. Hurt at what Trevor had done to her.
            Finally, Claire turned to the bar, walking back to where Trevor was already busy working again. He looked up and smiled at her soberly, making drinks. The music continued around them, as the crowd started to have a good time again, even if most still wondered what had gotten into Trevor tonight.
            Faith looked back once at Trevor and Claire quietly together, thinking to herself. Her thoughts were twisted and jumbled, not knowing what to do. Finally she turned sadly and left, opening Taggerty's front door. It closed shut behind her, shutting her out, and the dark night sky beyond it, out with her.

            It was getting late as Trevor finally walked home from work. He was alone on the dark sidewalk as a cool breeze that hinted of coming rain slid over the cement. The tree leaves danced in the wind above him, and the night sky churned with storm clouds, waiting to release their moisture.
            Trevor sighed, a little tired. He thought about what had happened tonight. About what he had had to tell Faith. As he walked, he was thinking about her, about the look he had seen in her eyes. But deep down, he knew it was for the best. For him and for her. She hadn't returned to the bar after she had left, and Trevor allowed himself to hope that maybe it was all finally over. Still, even if it was... he didn't have to like what he had done.
            Trevor rubbed his forehead as he walked, heading home. He looked up at the dark sky above him. The clouds hidden in the blackness far above flashed silently from within, lightning deep inside them, hidden away. Thunder rumbled overhead seconds later, soft and ominous. Trevor paused, listening, half way expecting some sort of message from someone he knew up there. Finally he smiled, realizing how ridiculous that was.
            Sighing, he walked up the steps leading into his building, feeling very tired... until he was suddenly brought to a halt. Trevor blinked, trying to remember if he had just seen... Turning slowly, he realized with a start that he was right. Faith was there, standing silently on the sidewalk beneath him. With a weary sigh, Trevor turned to face her, standing at the top of the steps as he looked down at her.
            Trevor's voice was tired, soft. "Faith... What are you doing here."
            Faith smiled, as if nothing had changed between them. "I've been waiting for you, Trevor. I came to see you."
            Trevor almost couldn't fight it anymore, rubbing the bridge of his nose. "Yeah, what about..."
            Faith blinked. "To help you get home, of course. To help you get back to Olympus. What else? We need to talk. We need to find a way to get some of those beads moving."
            Trevor exhaled angrily, glaring at her. "You never listen, do you?" Thunder rumbled overhead.
            Faith laughed, a light, casual sound. But there was more fear in it than mirth. More desperation than certainty. She couldn't hide the concern in her eyes, no matter how non-chalant a front she was trying to put up. "What do you mean?" she said. "All that stuff back at the bar? About how you're not really Cupid?" Faith's voice almost shook a little, not as confident as she wanted to be. "I-I know you were just testing me, Trevor. Testing my faith. What else could it be? And I passed... right?" She looked longingly up at him for approval.
            Trevor came quickly down the steps towards her, angry. He opened his mouth to say something, but he stopped himself. He lifted a hand into the air to calm himself, reigning his emotions in, as he slowly stepped back.
            "Faith... Just leave me alone, alright? I'm not the person you think I am." He began to turn and step up to the building's front door again.
            "I can't do that, Trevor."
            Trevor turned back to her and shook his head, his jaw forming a hard line, filled with annoyance. He looked down at Faith standing on the sidewalk . "What's it gonna take?"
            Faith blinked. "I don't understand."
            "What's it gonna take to get rid of you? What's it gonna take to get you out of my life?"
            Faith didn't know how to answer that. "But... But, I-"
            Trevor realized he was going to have to be more blunt, otherwise this was never going to stop. He stepped towards her again, face as hard as stone. "Faith... Do you really... REALLY believe that I'm Cupid?"
            "Of course."
            "That I'm the god of love?"
            "Without a doubt."
            "Swell. Great. Then you should really listen to what I have to say. The gods don't like it when you cross them. Believe me, I should know. Consider it a decree. From the gods that you supposedly put your faith in."
            "What do you mean?" Faith asked.
            Trevor told her straight out, leaving no room for sympathy in his voice, knowing he would have to be harsh. "Faith... I never, ever, want to see you again. OK? Is this registering inside that head of yours? Never... ever again." He started for the door.
            "You don't mean that."
            "Yes I do." Trevor turned to face her again, his voice hard. "I do, Faith. I'm sick of this! I don't want to see you, I don't want to talk to you. I don't want your help--I don't need your help! I want you to leave me alone and to get out of my life! Get it? Do you get it? Do you understand that Faith?"
            "But I-"
            "No!" Trevor shook his head. "No buts! No what if's or maybes. Alright? Just leave... me... alone." Angry, Trevor turned and headed up the steps again towards the front door.
            Faith stayed where she was, looking up at him. Her eyes were beginning to moisten over, filling with tears as her expression crumbled. Thunder rumbled overhead. Her voice was soft, hurt, almost wailing.
            "Why are you doing this to me?"
            Trevor grabbed the doorknob into his building, hearing the despair in her voice, despair he had caused. He lowered his head, closing his eyes in sympathy, but not facing her. He couldn't stop now. He had to finish this, no matter how hard it was. Turning around, his eyes were looking at her coldly as he slowly stepped back down, approaching her.
            "Faith, I never want to see you again. This isn't some test. I'm not testing you. This, all of this... it's over. Because I'm NOT Cupid. I'm not the god of love. I'm just Trevor Hale. And I want you to leave me alone. Please stop fighting me. I know what you want me to be, but I'm not that! No matter how much you want it to be true. It's finished. It's all over now. You can't get it back. Just... let it go, Faith. Just... please, just... let it be... Let it be, Faith."
            Trevor looked at her, thunder rumbling as Faith softly gasped in sorrow and a tear fell down her cheek. Turning, Trevor swallowed to himself, and walked up the steps. He opened the door and went inside the apartment building, leaving her there, sobbing all alone on the sidewalk as the door closed behind him.
            Faith felt her world collapse around her. The one thing, the one person she had devoted her whole life to, had rejected her. She cried openly, all alone as suddenly there was a soft hiss and she was suddenly drenched in falling rain. Thunder rumbled overhead, but Faith barely noticed, still crying. Her hair quickly hung straight down the sides of her face, soaked. The tears flowing freely down her cheeks were lost in the rain drops clinging coldly to her skin. Her shoulders shook, pelted in drops of water, sobbing softly.
            Inside the building, the opaque glass of the front door glowed with the light of the streetlamps outside. Trevor paused in the dark entry way, closing his eyes, outlined against the opaque window. He could hear the rain falling outside. Turning, he forcefully punched a wall, his face twisted with sadness at what he had had to do. He reached to his cheek, wiping away a tear of his own.
            Trevor gasped, holding it all in as he tried to compose himself with a deep breath. Finally he walked away from the closed door behind him, heading up the stair well and towards his apartment.
            Faith's voice was soft, almost indecipherable.
            Outside it was still pouring, raining heavily as she called out to him. Faith hadn't moved from her spot, expecting him to return, to tell her that he didn't mean it. Her clothes were soaked as she cried. She watched the door Trevor had closed, waiting. The rain was pelting the step in front of it, falling hard, causing a swarm of little splashes. The sound of the falling water overwhelmed Faith's crying. She looked at the door to the building, waiting. But Trevor didn't come back. And finally... Faith realized that he wasn't.
            Her lips hung open in despair. "I've lost him..."
            With her face covered in raindrops, Faith sadly lowered her head, crying... her tears lost in the rain.