The next night, Trevor was behind the bar again. The crowd was smaller and not as raucous. Tonight's gathering was more subdued, but more conversational, their voices interspersed with laughter. Faith and David were seated by the large windows near the front of Taggerty's, watching Trevor carefully.
            Faith had a notebook open on the table in front of her. She was writing furiously, trying not to miss anything as she kept looking up, obviously engrossed in Trevor. She spared David a happy glance, realizing how much she enjoyed his company, before going back to work.
           David leaned in close, whispering something into her ear. Faith laughed, looking at him with a smile. He smiled back, gazing at her, happy that he had made her laugh. Suddenly over Faith's shoulder he noticed Trevor was on the move again. Quickly David motioned his direction, but as Faith looked around frantically she couldn't find him, having lost where he was in the crowd. David leaned in even closer, his cheek next to hers as he pointed along her line of sight.
            David guided her to the person Trevor was targeting with his latest attempt, for once spotting it before she did. Suddenly their faces touched unexpectedly, and it was like an electrical charge had passed through them for a moment. They turned towards each other, looking into each other's eyes.
            Faith smiled at his inadvertent brush against her cheek. That is, if it had been inadvertent. She knew all the tricks. But she didn't pull back from him. David inhaled, and before he could change his mind, his lips came forward and he kissed her... once, soft and slowly. Faith breathed in, enjoying the kiss. When she finally pulled back, her eyes glowed, feeling a yearning in her lips to kiss him again.
            David saw it in her eyes, and he came eagerly forward, needing no further encouragement. As David kissed her a second time, his enthusiasm made Faith laugh against his lips .
            Across the bar, Trevor suddenly stopped what he was doing. He noticed Faith and David kissing by the windows. He nodded to himself, satisfied that things were going the way they should, happy for the two of them.
            At that moment, Claire was walking by on the sidewalk outside the window where Faith and David were sitting, about to go in to Taggerty's. She stopped when she spotted them, watching them kiss each other, surprised. Slowly Claire opened the front door and walked inside, still looking over at Faith and David, feeling a little envious at the intensity of their kiss. It had been awhile since someone had kissed her like that. Smiling nostalgically, she looked over at Trevor behind the bar.
            Pleased, Trevor smiled back at Claire, knowing she had seen Faith and David kissing too. Suddenly his expression fell, spotting the woman he was currently working on walking out of the bar, about to leave. Apparently she was calling it a night, and she didn't look too happy about it.
            Trevor quickly rushed over to her, moving past Claire to stop the woman from leaving. Claire turned where she stood, watching.
            Faith was still kissing David softly when she opened her eyes and noticed Trevor was moving out from behind the bar. She quickly broke the kiss, watching excitedly to see what Trevor would do, lifting her notebook to write. It took a moment for David's eyes to flutter open and realize that she was no longer kissing him. Faith pointed out what was happening. David tried to catch his breath, still recovering from the kiss and just happy to be there to share in her enthusiasm.

            The next night it was another packed house at Taggerty's. Trevor was whispering into a pretty red head's ear, singing the praises of the man he already had her watching across the room. Suddenly her eyes widened at something Trevor whispered. For one agonizing, split second, Trevor knew he had gone too far. One microscopic second... just before she turned and threw her drink into his face. Trevor sputtered as the woman stormed off, wiping his face off with the apron he wore around his waist.
            David and Faith laughed softly at the sudden turn of events, watching from where they were observing Trevor. Even as far away as they were, they could tell that Trevor looked very, very.... soaked. They were seated nearer to Trevor tonight than they had been previously. It had been like that for several nights now, each night slowly moving closer and closer to him. Both of them could see everything that was happening clearly. It didn't take an expert to know that tonight had definitely not been one of Trevor's finest hours.
            Trevor was still wiping his face when he looked over to where David and Faith were giggling at him. They applauded softly for his benefit, only a few tables away, but all smiles. Trevor smiled too, lifting his hands in surrender, knowing he couldn't win them all. Especially lately.
            Words flowed from the tip of Faith's pen and onto her notebook, sentence after sentence of incredibly detailed descriptions of all the situations and interactions she had observed the last few nights, all the subtle nuances. As the nights had progressed her writing had become more and more certain, more confident and exact. She was slowly beginning to take this seriously. Her doubts were beginning to fade away as she observed Trevor, night after night. Her eyes started watching him with a new intensity, as her notebook continued to fill, sentence after sentence after sentence.

            Faith was there again the next night.
            This time she was seated alone, right up at the bar next to Trevor. Her notebook was open before her, as it always was, resting on top of the bar. She was asking Trevor a few questions while he cleaned up. Behind them, the room was basically empty except for a few stragglers Champ was patiently guiding out. A few of the other employees were already cleaning up.
            Trevor smiled, happy to answer all of Faith's questions. He was thoroughly enjoying his roll as mentor to such a willing recipient.
            "So," Faith was saying. "Just so I'm clear on this, Trevor. That first man... the guy with the crew cut in the corner earlier. That man had never met the second man...?" Her voice was filled with disbelief.
            Trevor smiled proudly. "Had never met him. Not until I gave them both a little shove slash incentive. I told each one that the other one had always wanted to tour with Liza Minelli. Presto. The rest just fell into place."
            Faith stuttered, impressed. "But how... how did you know? Neither of them looked... I mean how could you have possibly even known that they were... you know."
            "Hey, it's what I do. I'm the god of love. I've had several thousand years of practice. Trial and error. That's all it really is, until you learn to play the game and get an eye, and an ear for it." Trevor smiled, appreciating her look of wonder. "Are you starting to believe I'm the real deal yet?"
            She nodded, still a little overwhelmed. "Yeah, I... just might be."
            Trevor nodded. "Hey, I'm not saying my track record's perfect. It wasn't perfect even before I was sent down here, back when I had my bow. In fact, a lot of the other gods usually hated me, because I kept ruining their lives with love. Same goes for most mortals. Still, no one ever said true love was easy. I know Elizabeth Taylor must have started hating my guts after that fifth marriage or so. But I do always know when two people belong together. Even when they don't know it themselves. I just... see what I see and know what I know."
            Amazed, Faith whispered. "A god among men..."
            "Hey, don't be so modest." Trevor smiled at her. "I'm more like an OLYMPIAN god among men. I just see two people I know belong together, and I give them a little nudge. For better or for worse. Like... with you and David."
            She smiled. "Really? Me and David?"
            "Sure," Trevor said. "I really think you two should get together... and go for it."
            Her face suddenly glowed, as if she had just received the approval of the gods. She nodded in reverence, looking at him with awe. "Maybe you really are Cupid..."
            David walked up to the two of them, holding his and Faith's coats. He touched her on the shoulder to get her attention. "Faith? Are you ready to go? That is... if you're done with you're debriefing for the night, of course."
            Trevor smiled, turning away and whispering to himself as he wiped down the bar. "Hopefully not. Assuming you don't wear boxers ..."
            Faith turned and looked at David, smiling at him seductively. Thinking about what Trevor had said, she suddenly saw him in a entirely new light. "Sure, David. I'm finished here for now. But I'm... not really in the mood to go home yet. Could we maybe go back to your place?"
            David was surprised, not expecting that. But his face lit up all the same. "Umm... Yeah. Absolutely."
            Faith rose from her seat, edging discreetly closer to David as he helped slip her coat onto her shoulders. She took one long, appreciative glance at his face next to hers as he stood behind her. Then she turned towards Trevor. "Thanks for letting me take notes tonight, Trevor."
            Trevor nodded. "Not a problem. Always glad to help."
            Faith smiled at him. "And I'll... take your advice to heart."
            "And to other places I hope. That's great. You get her sliding home in one piece, David."
            David inhaled. "Sure. Good night, Trevor."
            The couple began to walk towards the front door. Faith was already nibbling at David's neck as they walked out of Taggerty's and out onto the sidewalk. The door closed behind them.
            Trevor blinked to himself. "That was fast..."
            Faith seemed to be taking his advice without question, right on the spot. He was surprised she had listened to him so easily. He wasn't really used to it. Still, he nodded to himself, pleased.
            "Hmm. That seemed to go well..."

            The coffee table screeched as Faith and David bumped into it, stumbling across his living room, caressing each other passionately. They were breathing hot and heavy into each other's mouths. David kissed her neck as he slid her coat off. Faith hardly noticed his fingers fumbling with the buttons of her blouse. Instead she was staring off into space, eyes excited as she held David in her arms, thinking about Trevor.
            "David, did you see when Trevor set up that cute blond girl with the off duty fireman? It was so subtle! It took me almost an hour to even realize that was what he was trying to do! It was really beautiful, beautiful work."
            David wasn't really listening, instead sliding her blouse off and kissing her bared shoulder. "Yes. Beautiful. You're so absolutely beautiful."
            Faith absently rubbed David's strong shoulders, her voice full of enthusiasm. "I mean, what luck! After all these years, believing for so long when no one else does any more. I mean, there used to be whole temples devoted to the gods! Societies were built around them. Offerings were offered, quests were quested, odes were... oded! Poems were... never mind. My point is, the gods gave everyone purpose, they gave everyone a sense of...a sense of meaning! And now I have the chance to help out the actual god of love! Here on earth! In Chicago! I can help him get back home. It's an absolute dream come true!"
            David moaned, kissing her neck. "Please don't say this is a dream..."
            Faith pulled his face forcefully towards hers. She held it in her hands as she began to kiss him softly. "Actually, David. Trevor really thought that we should... well, that you and I should... you know."
            David looked into her eyes. He didn't need a road map to understand what she meant. He suddenly lifted her entire body into his arms, kissing her again as Faith laughed.
            "Hmm. The tacit approval of an Olympian god," David smiled. "Not bad. Guess we shouldn't disappoint him..."
            Faith threw all her doubts aside, giving in fully while more and more of their clothing fluttered to the floor. She kissed David eagerly, her lips hungry on his. The intensity of it barely allowed David keep his balance, stumbling a little from the heated kiss as he carried her into the bedroom.

            Claire Allen's current session was winding up. She rose from behind her desk, gently guiding the crying woman she had been talking to towards the door. She gave the woman a soft, sympathetic smile, trying to sound encouraging.
            "It'll be okay, Andrea." Claire said. "You'll get through this. I promise..."
           "Really?" The woman smiled as she sniffed, but at least she was no longer crying.
            "Yes. Absolutely." Claire touched her shoulder. "We'll work through all your abandonment issues, your fear of rejection, and we'll get you through them together. The prospects may seem a little dark to you right now-"
            There was suddenly a bout of laughter from whatever was happening in the hall outside the closed door, interrupting Claire's sympathetic spiel. Her shoulders tensed at the interruption, but she continued. "-but I know there's a light at the end of this tunnel. Ok? I'll see you next week."
            As Claire opened the door, the woman blew her nose loudly into her handkerchief and Claire winced at the sound. The woman smiled weakly. "Ok. Thank you, Dr. Allen."
            Claire ignored the sound of soft giggling coming from Jaclyn's desk, knowing they it wasn't directed at her or the woman. "No. Not at all. Just remember what I said, ok? Good-bye Andrea."
            Once the woman walked away, Claire quickly looked over towards the reception desk, where the laughter had come from. Trevor was there, smiling as he talked quietly to Jaclyn, leaning in close over the desk. Suddenly Claire knew why Jaclyn was laughing. and she couldn't explain how that made her feel.
            Annoyed, Claire interrupted them. "Trevor, what are you doing?"
            They both looked over, not realizing that Claire had come out. Trevor's face brightened when he saw her.
            "Sparky! Hi. I was just telling Jaclyn about our little shared time travel tent experience. You remember, don't you? Lots of rain, crazy old hag, you in a wet T-shirt, you almost kissing me-"
            "Trevor!" Claire exclaimed. "Don't say that so loudly!"
            Jaclyn smiled teasingly at Claire, pretending to blush at her reaction. "Why Dr. Allen, you're starting to sound a little defensive..."
            Trevor looked over and nodded at Jaclyn. "She is, isn't she? I guess she wants to keep it a secret that she's got a crush on me-"
            Claire sputtered. "That's-that's completely not true! that's-"
            Trevor and Jaclyn both watched her squirm with amusement. Trevor smiled. "And here I thought the Nile was just an overused pun-"
            "Trevor keep you're voice down! If someone were to here you talking like that-" Claire looked nervously around.
            He thought about it. "What, they'd tell me... 'Way to go, Trevor'? No...? Oh. Right. Now I get it. You want to make our encounters a little more exciting and role play. Pretend that we're strangers that bump... and bump in the night. Kinky... but I'm game. Champ does have that sturdy dentist chair in his apartment. If I could find you a nurse's outfit, then we could-"
            "Trevor!" Claire lowered her voice, still looking around. "I'm not secretly in love with you! Stop saying that so loudly. This is how rumors get started-"
            "Or fulfilled. What do you mean, Claire? What is how rumors get started?"
            "YOU are how rumors get started Trevor! What if one of my colleagues hear your misguided boasting and believes it? Don't you think that me already having had one professional review of my relationship with you is enough!?"
            "Well, I'm no professional, but I'd be happy to give you a review-"
            "Trevor, I've already told you. My momentary reaction in the rain a few day ago didn't mean anything-"
            "Hi." A pleasant voice said unexpectedly.
            Claire jumped, certain it was one of her superiors. "It's not true! Nothing happened-!" she said instantly, until she realized it was Champ, there to pick up Jaclyn.
            Champ gave Claire a look, wondering what she was talking about. "Maybe you should really consider decaf in the morning, Claire." He moved over to Jaclyn's side where she sat behind the reception desk, looking down at her with his eyes full of adoration. "Hello, Jaclyn. Are you ready to go to lunch?"
            Jaclyn nodded, smiling happily up at him before getting her things. She picked up her purse and a paper cup full of cola that she had been sipping at her desk since her last break.
            Trevor lowered his voice meaningfully as he looked fondly at the two of them. "Ahhh... lunch. Very nice..."
            Jaclyn smiled and tilted her head, hearing the hidden implication in Trevor's voice. "It's not that kind of lunch, Trevor."
            Trevor blinked. "Oh. I'm sorry. Does that mean you're just going to have sex instead? Well before you do... Champ, you agree with me about Claire don't you?"
            He nodded. "Yeah. I think you're crazy too."
            "No, the other thing."
            "What, that she's secretly in love with you?"
            "Champ!" Claire glared at him. "Not you too..."
            Champ smiled. "Sorry, Claire. It's just that Trevor's been drilling that idea into my head non-stop for the last few days. It's all he's talked about. So I assumed he meant-"
            "Well, could you NOT assume so loudly?" Claire looked down the hallway.
            Trevor smiled. "What are you so afraid of, Claire?"
            "Of getting fired, Trevor. Of getting censured. Of getting ridiculed. Of, of people starting to believing these ridiculous rumors of yours-"
            "By people, do you mean one particular brunette psychologist with a killer body that doesn't need to stop for directions to-" He looked her over.
            Claire bullied over his words. "Trevor! A story like this will eventually get back to my superiors, and then on to the hospital board... And then both of us, Trevor, will be up the river Styx without a paddle."
            "Ah, paddling. When it's done in the right, I'm all for foreplay-"
            Claire glared at him. "What, do you honestly think your next therapist will be as lenient as I am? What'll happen is that I'll be hauled in front of an ethics hearing and you'll be hauled in front of a sanity hearing!"
            Trevor blinked at her tirade. "I guess you're right. Maybe they would think I was insane for wanting to kiss you-"
            Claire shook her head. "Trevor, rumors like that are nothing but trouble. By the time the hospital hears about them it won't matter if they're true or not!"
            "If I may voice my preference-"
            "Trevor, you can't play around with something like this. This isn't a shoot and score love game. This is my job. I doubt the review board will be as forgiving towards me a second time."
            Trevor looked at her. "Do I get to finish a sentence now? Claire, are you worried about you're job, or are you more worried that I'm right and you might actually have a crush on me?"
            Jaclyn was still standing beside Champ, holding her drink in one hand. Both of them were watching the exchange closely, curious about Claire's answer.
            Claire's mouth hung open at what Trevor had said, and she paused under all of their scrutiny. "Trevor I-... that's ludicrous. It didn't mean anything. It was a momentary lapse of, of... sanity on my part. Gee, wonder where I could have picked that particular habit up? For the last time. I didn't kiss you. I'm not going to kiss you. And even if I had... I know I wouldn't have had any romantic feelings about it."
            Trevor nodded in understanding. "Ok, Claire. Prove it."
            "Excuse me?"
            "We can settle this right here and now, Claire. Finish the kiss. You know. The one you came close to 'almost' not giving me in the rain? If you really have no feelings about me, it should be as easy as kissing a friend, like... like kissing Jaclyn. Which, if you're willing, we could save for later. I would love to see that long cherished fantasy finally come true. It's-it's a guy thing. Don't ask. But for now, you can kiss me. Unless of course, you're scared."
            "Scared. You know. Frightened. Afraid about doing something because of the passions it might dredge up."
            Claire gave him a long, annoyed stare. "Don't be ridiculous, Trevor." She started to walk back into her office.
            Trevor darted around in front of her, blocking her and lightly touching her arm. She looked down at his hand on her skin.
            "Why not, Claire? What are you afraid of?"
            "I'm not going to kiss you, Trevor."
            Champ and Jaclyn were still watching, heads shifting back and forth between Trevor and Claire like they were watching a tennis match.
            Trevor shook his shoulders in anticipation, as if loosening up. He wiggled his lips, before spreading his arms out for her, waiting for her to smooch him.
            "No." Claire said simply.
            Trevor shrugged, smiling. "I knew it... I knew you couldn't do it. Secret crushes tend to have that effect."
            "Trevor, there is no secret crush. It's just that-"
            "Just that what? You afraid that maybe your heart doesn't match the coloring on your sleeve?"
            Claire looked back at Champ and Jaclyn, who still watched her, curious at what she was going to do.
            Claire sighed. "I'm not going to kiss you, Trevor."
            "Look. No tongue. I promise. Mostly."
            "Trevor, it's not going to happen. Our lips... will never meet. They'll never occupy the same space. They'll never even live in the same neighborhood, ok? For one thing, it would be completely unethical. Not to mention unprofessional."
            Trevor let out a tired sigh. "And yet you always mention it..."
            "Besides, Trevor. On top of all that it would just be... icky."
            "That's funny, Claire. I was just going to make the same argument about me kissing a mortal. But I'm willing to let my standards slide since you do have the cutest-"
            "Trevor, I'm you're doctor. You're my patient. That's all we are. That's all we'll ever be. So there's absolutely no way that I will ever kiss you."
            Trevor thought about it. "Wait... You just said that you can't kiss me right?"
            Claire blinked, but didn't catch it. "...right. Besides... even if we did kiss, I'm absolutely positive I would feel nothing, Trevor. Not a thing. Absolutely nothing at-"
            Without warning Trevor swept Claire into his arms and bent her back in a grand, elaborate gesture as he held her tenderly aloft. Claire found her spine hovering over the floor, clinging to Trevor for one breathless moment as he wrapped her up in his strong arms. Time seemed to stop, until without hesitating, Trevor eagerly lowered his head, and kissed her out of nowhere, deeply... warmly.
            The soda cup dropped instantly out of Jaclyn's motionless hand, the cola inside splashing up when it hit the floor like a mini fountain, completely ignored as both her and Champ's eyes went wide with shock.
            Almost instantly, Claire squealed in protest against Trevor's lips as he kissed her deeply, her shoulders tightening. His arms held her tenderly, even as Claire struggled a little, pounding lightly against his shoulder.... But then she closed her eyes, unable to stop herself from falling into the kiss with him, not letting go of him. Her head subconsciously shifted to one side and pressed in, and she almost reached a cautious hand up to caress Trevor's face. But she was able to pull it back in time, however pleasingly distracted she was. Instead, she simply let him kiss her, swept as deeply into it as he was, but not overtly encouraging it.
            Trevor finally pulled Claire back to her feet, their lips coming off each other, tingling as they broke the kiss. They both tried to catch their breaths, feeling a little dizzy. Claire took a few moments to compose herself, absently straightening her blouse. She tried to make her expression calm, glacial, as if nothing had just happened between them at all. But there was no denying the slight flush to her cheeks, and her breathing was fractionally deeper.
            Trevor exhaled, smiling as he looked at her. His face was flushed too. He could have sworn that he felt his toes tingling. "Hey," Trevor took a much needed breath, smiling. "You didn't say anything about me kissing you, Claire. So... anything?" He waited patiently, breathing softly.
            Claire though about it calmly, as if she hadn't been kissing him only a moment ago. "Nothing. There was nothing, just like I said. Absolutely no feelings at all."
            Trevor shrugged, still caught in the afterglow of the kiss and not really believing what she was saying. "That's too bad. Still... it was good for me. Thought it was worth a shot..." He couldn't stop smiling at her.
            Claire nodded, trying to seem serene and unaffected as she turned awkwardly to go back into her office. "See? No crush. No feelings. No problem. I-I guess now that's settled..."
            Claire paused as all three of them watched her silently, Trevor, Champ, and Jaclyn. Champ and Jaclyn were still speechless at what had just happened. Claire nodded, satisfied she had proven her point. "I-... I-I have work to do now."
            Claire slowly walked back into her office, the still stunned gazes of Trevor, Champ, and Jaclyn following her. She slowly swung the door shut, shutting them out of view in the hallway. Claire instantly turned and pressed back against the door as if needing the support. Her knees felt weak for some reason, and she was finally able to catch her breath, not realizing she had even been holding it before. She inhaled softly, trying to cool herself off.
            Claire lips silently formed the word 'Wow' to herself, breathing softly, waiting for her head to clear.

            Trevor was already walking away from Claire's office, happy with the world because of what had happened, and not able to keep the smile off his face, still feeling the kiss. He sighed contentedly, wondering what he should tease Claire about the next time he saw her. He walked down the hallway, humming the tune to 'I'm on top of the world, looking down on creation' to himself. He didn't notice one cute blond haired woman who looked away and turned discreetly to the wall as he passed, trying not to be seen.
            Faith did her best to appear as inconspicuous as possible. Once Trevor was gone, she looked over at Claire's now empty reception area. Champ and Jaclyn had already left. Faith blinked, not believing what she had just seen. Trevor and Claire. Kissing... For a moment, she seemed worried by the unexpected turn of events, wondering what to do about it. But she pushed those concerns aside, following after Trevor again before he could get too far ahead of her.
            Music began to play. A bass guitar repeated a single note incessantly, calmly, changing with the cords but still beating obsessively on. The song lyrics began, a contradiction to the soothing music, the bass line full of unblinking intensity.

            Every breath you take...
            every move you make...

            Claire was sitting in front of her singles group, smiling as she made a point to one of the members. From where he sat at the back of the group, Trevor wasn't really listening, at least not enough to notice what she was saying. Instead he was eagerly whispering to a man and a woman seated in the back of the room with him. They were both two new members to the group, and Trevor was already trying to set them up with each other on a date. He smiled, laughing, pleased by the results. It seemed that he was close to sealing the deal. He looked up as Mike passed by, and Trevor told the couple to hold on for a moment, rushing over to talk to Mike about something he needed from him.

            Every bond you break, every step you take,
            I'll be watching you...

            After finishing with Mike, Trevor turned around, pleased. His eyes went wide suddenly when he saw that Faith was sitting in the seat he had just vacated, whispering intently to the two new members. She was very animated, zealously propounding the ideals and benefits of following the god of love's advice, as all mere mortals should. Faith showed the two the small cherub hanging around her neck, still forcefully pushing Trevor's advice.
            Trevor moaned. It was easy to see the growing gape of fear in the couple's eyes as they listened to Faith's over the top enthusiasm. Trevor rushed over to try and stop the damage, but it was too late. The man and the woman were both out of their chairs, leaving as fast as they could. And they weren't leaving together, both scared off as they walked in opposite directions, even as Faith continued to call out to their quickly retreating backs from her seat.
            Faith paused when she saw the look on Trevor's face. She shrugged, not really discouraged as she slid over to another woman in the group with a big smile, introducing herself and asking the woman if she had discovered the joys of Trevor's teachings yet.
            Trevor sputtered, not believing it. She was ruining everything. Exasperated, he rushed to the front of the room and up to Claire. Claire was now running some sort of trust exercise where she had everyone paired up with a partner, ready to catch the other when they fell back. Her partner was Lawrence. No one had rushed to take him.
            Trevor tried to interrupt her as Claire continued to address the group. He tried to get her attention over towards what Faith was doing at the back of the room, wanting to complain. Annoyed, Claire ignored him. Trevor persisted, grabbing her arm. Claire turned to get him to stop just as Lawrence let himself fall back so that Claire would catch him. He crashed instantly to the floor if front of them. They both looked down at him and winced.

            Every single day, every word you say,
            Every game you play, every night you stay,
            I'll be watching you...

            Trevor was carrying two drinks towards one of his newly introduced couples at Taggerty's. It was going well. He felt a bead itching to slide over with this one. But when he walked up, all he saw was Faith, sitting at the now empty table, looking down sheepishly.
            Trevor paused, knowing instantly what had happened. How did she get past him unnoticed? He had tried so hard to be certain she wasn't there.
            Faith saw the anger in Trevor's face. She lifted her eyes and shrugged contritely in apology, not knowing what she had done wrong. She was about to tell him that she was sorry, when Trevor stopped her by lifting one angry finger at her, motioning her silent. Upset, he turned away, not really wanting to hear it.

            Since you've been gone, I've been lost without a trace,
            I dream at night, I can only see your face,

            Claire was in her bedroom, thinking of Trevor with a smile on her face as she looked out the window. She didn't notice that she was trailing a finger lightly across her lips, remembering the kiss. Out of nowhere it occurred to her how often Trevor managed to make her feel better. How often he made her smile. Regardless of the implications of what that might mean, it had still been one hell of a kiss...
            Claire looked over at the music box Trevor had given her last Christmas, wondered what she felt about him. Still in the grip of her pleasant memories she lifted the lid, pulling out the christmas card from where she kept it inside. It was handmade by Trevor, and it said 'Who Luvs You Baby' on the cover. Inside was a picture of Trevor, smiling at her.

            I look around, but it's you I can't replace,
            I feel so cold and I long for your embrace,
            I keep crying, baby, baby, please...

            Claire paused, thinking. Thinking about Trevor's card in a new light. Perhaps realizing for the first time what it implied that he felt about her. Had it always said those words? Why had she never even considered what he had meant before now?
            Claire held the card to her chest, letting her thoughts wander happily. But then she pushed them reluctantly away, seeing them as the ridiculous, idle distractions they were. Nothing more.

            Trevor walked out of his apartment, only to almost step on a small plate left on his doorstep. It was a small offering of rose petals, with a heart shaped candle flickering beside it. It had obviously been left by Faith, as a 'love offering', a variation on what they had used to leave in the temples to the gods in the old days. Frustrated, he picked up the 'offering', blowing out the candle and shoving it all inside as he closed the door. Shaking his head, Trevor began to wonder if Faith was everywhere.

            Oh can't you see, you belong to me,
            How my poor heart aches, with every breath you take...

            Later that morning, Trevor was in a coffee shop, talking to one of the waitresses. Suddenly he got the feeling he was being watched, and he turned quickly, looking around. The waitress took a step back, looking at Trevor warily because of his sudden change in demeanor. Trevor shook the feeling off. Faith was no where to be seen.
            Even later that morning, alternating squares of light and shadow flowed over the passengers sitting in the rattling interior of the elevated train car. The morning cityscape of Chicago slid by outside the windows. Trevor stood in the aisle, chatting with a man and gripping the swinging overhead rung for balance. Suddenly he noticed Faith, seated on the far side of the train car, watching him. Trevor went immediately over to her, his face hard.
            The elevated train hissed as it pulled to a stop at the next station. Overhead, the morning sky was a deep blue. The doors to the passenger cars slid open, and Trevor stepped through, guiding Faith by the shoulders as he held her. She didn't fight him. Trevor quickly rushed back onto the train before the doors closed, leaving her standing there on the landing as the train began to pull away.

            Every move you make, every step you take,
            I'll be watching you...

            Trevor looked up. He was in his bedroom, looking at his string of beads. The current tally was certainly a sad state of affairs. The cluster of beads on the true love side was no where near as big as he would have liked. And if he wasn't mistaken, it was actually smaller than it had been before. Had he lost a bead or two? Trevor did a quick count. He was right. He had lost a few. He wondered which ones hadn't worked out, going through the couples in his mind. In any case, it didn't look good. He was definitely in a dry spell for setting people up with their true loves. Looking back up, he realized in shock that now there was even one less bead on the good side than there had been a second ago. Assuming of course that he hadn't miscounted. Shaking his head, he didn't bother recounting as he turned away.
            Trevor was bartending at Taggerty's again. He smiled, happy for one night to be Faith free. He hadn't seen her anywhere. Suddenly he looked up and groaned. She was there, and already talking to one of the customers Trevor had been working on. Trevor could already see the all too familiar look of horror forming on the man's face as Faith spoke to him.
            Trevor couldn't take it any more. He grabbed the white towel tucked into his apron and threw it over the bar, like a boxing manager throwing the towel into the ring in a gesture of surrender. The towel fell to the floor, blocking everything from sight as the song ended abruptly.