The sunshine was bright and clear, shining down from a crytal clear blue sky as Jaclyn and Trevor sat alone at a picnic table in a very isolated corner of the park, totally surrounded and cut off by thick shrubs. They were talking softly, leaning in as they sat across from each other. Trevor's eyes were frozen open in surprise, not believing the tale Jaclyn was telling him as they sat there.

Jaclyn was sitting with her legs crossed, wearing a sort of tight skirt that exposed the ivory tapering of shapely thighs. Her upper body was clung to by a simple white t-shirt that adhered to her snugly, outlining the beautiful curves of full breasts she had hidden away, but leaving little to the imagination.,BR>
Trevor tried toi not let his eyes or mind wander. Whenever she spoke, motioning with her arms, Jaclyn's breasts moved slightly. he tried to keep his eyes away from them. he never realized how attracive Jaclyn really was.She seemed to down play that most of the time. But not today. Today she had dressed in a more overtly sexual way than before. And as she continued with her story, Trevor understood the change.

Jaclyn smiled, enjoying his reaction. "Then Claire and I got dressed and I went home. Simple as that."

Trevor stuttered, trying to take it all in, feeling his skin blush. "So you and Claire..."

A wicked glint reflected in JAcln's smile, not ashamed in the least and liking that Trevor was blushing. "Me and Claire. Last night..."

"Wow..." Trevoir said softly, her decriptions still playing in his mind.

"Wow it was, Trevor. Claire was phenomenal. I don't regret any of it. That's why I asked Claire to meet us here. Since i know how you feel about her, I thought we'd get what happened out in the open. And becasue.... I want more. I was serious before, Trevor. When I asked if you would like to join us next time I sleep over..."

Trevor coughed, remebering he needed to breath, surprised at her audacity. "Jaclyn! Where'd this whole direct approach come from? This is a new side of you."

Absently, she ran a finger up the side of her thigh, sliding it across the soft enticing taper of her upper leg crossed on the other oneR>