Hello Paula!

            My name is Steve and I've been a huge fan of yours ever since Wild Oats. Let me say that you are so incredibly talented and stunningly beautiful. I've really enjoyed everything that you've appeared in.

            My favorite by far however, was Cupid. It was sweet, it was witty, it was funny, and you and Jeremy were really great together. It was a great show and I wish was still on the air. Still, no one ever said someone has to be all that intelligent to be a network executive.

            You recent role on The Weber Show has been really nice. I think you saved the show. Will you be making anymore guest apperances when the show returns in March?

            Which of your roles do you think is closet to yourself? That Old Feeling was fun. And your accent in Thursday was cute. I've even seen you in Full Eclipse, believe it or not. I must admit, it was the first vigilante werewolf cop movie I've ever seen. They really needed to give you more screen time. Was it hard wearing all those make up prostetics at the end of the movie?

            Anyway, are you working on something new? Movies, plays, television shows? I'm just starved for information here. What about the reported NBC sitcom pilot you were working on with Paul Riser? Was it picked up? Have you filmed anything yet? It would be great if you had a weekly show again, but I know that the impending strikes in Hollywood have everything up in the air for show development. I hope it doesn't derail your sitcom, because I know you'd be great in it. Still, if the networks ever run out of shows to air, maybe they will air reruns of Cupid. (fingers crossed in vain...)

            I sent an envelope with this letter in the slim hopes that you can send me a signed picture. It would be very much appreciated because I'm a huge fan of your work. But it's totally cool if you can't. I know you must really be busy, assuming of course that the casting directors in Hollywood aren't totally inept. Still no big deal if you can't. seeing your next performance is reward enough. CUPID REUNION MOVIE! Ok... I just had to say that.

            I just wanted to write and tell you that you have a lot of fans who hope you have a long and successful career. You are the brightest star in the Hollywood firmament, and you are truly a joy to watch. You deserve every bit of your well earned sucess.

                                                                        And thank you...


                                                                        Steve Oyervidez
                                                                        4640 Itasca
                                                                        Lubbock, Texas 79416

"Tis but her picture I have yet beheld,
and that has dazzled my reason's light..."
                        Two Gentlemen From Verona