All the sound was gone.
              There was water, water everywhere.
              Trevor's entire body felt like it had been punched, his muscles aching painfully across every inch. The wall of water had engulfed everything, him, Claire, the convertible they were still strapped into. Yet in his confused daze it all felt strangely lighter to him, like it didn't matter as they sank deeper and deeper into the darkness, wrapped in an icy blanket of liquid. With blurred vision, Trevor saw white bubbles streaming silently towards him from out of the dashboard in the dimming light, felt them washing across his face in a soft, peaceful caress. As he became more aware, Trevor realized the car they were in was sinking nose first, deeper and deeper into the soundless watery chasm beyond it.
              Yet strangely, Trevor felt that he did hear a sound, accompanying him, watching him. He heard the sound of a distant chorus, singing long, slow chords mournfully, softly, as if watching. There was water all around, no other sound was heard, yet the voices continued to sing, sadly accepting what was happening as if feeling a sense of release.
              Trevor blinked quickly and became even more alert to his surroundings. The air bubbles were still rising straight towards him. The glass of the convertible's windshield was cracked in a spider web pattern. Beyond it he could see the car's hood, crumbled from the impact with the water. And past that there was only darkness. Darkness that they were sinking more comfortably into. Wait. They were sinking! In one desperate moment Trevor finally realized where he and Claire were. Panicked he looked over at her still strapped into her seat belt beside him.
              And then he saw it. Or rather, saw it again, like a scene he was destined to repeat, over and over.
              It was the same vision he had experienced before, a flash of him and Claire underwater with a curtain of bubbles rising between them. Only this time it was real. The only sound was the lament of the distant unseen chorus, soft and sad. There was red streaming from Claire's forehead where she had hit the dashboard, flowing out of her like a scarlet ribbon in the water. For a moment, several phantom memories flashed in his mind, always the same. The two of them together, dying, with bubbles rising between them like a curtain veil.
              Fingers numb in the cold water, Trevor fumbled frantically with his seat belt latch, desperate as he opened it. Then, reaching over, he did the same for Claire. She still hadn't moved, the water  growing darker and more crushing around them. Taking her in his arms, he pulled her free of the harness as the unseen chorus continued to sing in the silent water. Slowly the car dropped away from them, and they floated in place. For a moment Trevor felt lost in the dim light, wondering which way was up. And then he saw the air bubbles. Saw them again for what they were. A blessing. A signpost, pointing the way to the surface. He gathered Claire's lifeless body in his arms and kicked away from the sinking car, following the bubbles upward.
              Now he was surrounded by nothing, holding Claire's limp body against his own, water in every direction. Looking down for a moment, he saw the car disappearing slowly into the dark below. Trevor shifted his gaze upwards again to see the bubbles floating further away from him, moving faster than he was. He had the strange thought that apparently... they were better swimmers than him as they rose easily and sparkled in shafts of sunlight from the surface. Looking up, he could see the twisting, undulating roof of the ocean surface from underneath. Growing dizzy from lack of oxygen, Trevor knew his time was running out. He kicked harder towards it, keeping Claire with him. Rays of pure light were sparkling through, clustered together, more than he could count, shifting and dancing through the silence as the chorus sang, sad, as if watching reverently.
              The rays were shining down on his face, illuminating him. His lungs were starting to burn inside. Trevor gripped Claire closer, his legs kicking frantically towards the shafts of light., willing the two of them to live. He was moving faster now, faster than the bubbles. Soon his body was surrounded by the dancing shafts of white in the hazy water. For a moment Trevor felt almost serene, like it had all happened before, over and over, the chorus voices beginning to fade.
              The light from the surface grew brighter, blinding his sight.
              And then Trevor burst through and into the air, gulping desperately, the sound of his breathing and the crashing of waves suddenly loud in his ears. Above, sunlight was shining cleanly through the clouds as he bobbed in the water with Claire motionless in his arms.
              The singing chorus was gone, and a piano began to play instead the moment he broke the surface, playing a gentle series of quiet notes. Then accompanied by a cello and viola, moving softly with it, in a sad, beautiful melody.
              Turning in place on the surface, Trevor looked around. He was a small figure in a vast field of rolling waves, a tiny speck floating in the now glittering water as the sun glared through the dark, churning rain clouds above. Water splashed into his eyes as he held Claire's head above water, blood still streaming heavily down the side of her wet face no matter how often he wiped it away. On the surface surrounding them was a white circle of rising bubbles, all that was left of their impact, and already beginning to dissipate. The slender bridge stretched far above and behind them. He could barely see where the section of railing they had crashed through was missing in the sun.
              Trevor kept Claire against him and searched around again, his view blocked by high rolling waves nearby, their ebb and flow occasionally submerging both him and Claire. And then, over the rolling crests of the water, he saw... hope. There was a pillar of white, obscured by the waves, then visible again, far away. It was a white tower, the closest thing. He saw it more clearly in the distance, through rain that was falling on the ocean. It was an abandoned lighthouse, resting above the waters, high on a rocky cliff.
              "Stay with me, Claire." He kissed her gently as waves crashed loudly over them. Pulling her along, Trevor swam, keeping his eyes on the lighthouse as the piano and cello continued to play their soft, lingering melody.

              An old, decaying wooden door suddenly crashed open when Trevor kicked it in, the stormy sky gray behind him a deluge of rainfall fell thickly down in blowing sheets. He carried Claire limply in his arms, both of them completely drenched, the icy rain already chilling him to the bone. Two small windows looked into the dark room, drumming wildly with rain pounding against them in a fast staccato rhythm. Unseen, the sound of the piano and cello were still playing as a woman began to sing.

              When the dark wood fell before me,
              and all the paths were overgrown.
              When the Priests of Pride say there is no other way,
              I tilled the sorrows of stone.

              His lip shivering uncontrollably from the cold, Trevor rushed Claire further into the room, the wooden door still swinging and creaking on it's hinges behind him. He splashed towards a small, utilitarian cot that still remained in the  no longer used small circular bottom floor of the lighthouse. Gently Trevor placed Claire on it, her body slipping from his arms like so much dead weight. he looked into the shadows around him and spotted an old storage locker, moving towards it.
              A modern oil lantern suddenly came on in the darkness. Trevor pulled his hand back after lighting it. The broad expanse of a thick, dry blanket billowed outward as Trevor draped Claire with it on the cot. With drops of water rolling down his face, Trevor pushed Claire's dark, wet hair pack from her forehead in the dim light. Her wound was still bleeding. Tenderly, he wiped the blood away using a small towel he had also found in the storage locker but it kept coming back. Inside, his heart was pumping wildly with panic. When he felt Claire's skin, it was unusually cold under his touch. Her eyes fluttered weakly from what he was doing, and Trevor felt a sense of familiarity as he cleaned the bleeding wound.
              Then it hit him. He had seen Claire injured in the same place before. It had happened during their shared tent psychic induced vision of a past life together, a vision of him and Claire on the Titanic as it sank. he had seen the same wound, on the exact same spot on her forehead. On a level he couldn't understand, he felt it had also happened many more times than that, other places he couldn't remember. But now was the first time that he knew what that cut meant.
              It meant.... separation.
              "Claire... Claire, you're dying."
              "Trevor, no..." her eyes fluttered weakly, hearing him.
              She forced a small smile that almost broke his heart.
              "No... With you... I'm finally living."
              Trevor watch her face tiredly collapse, weak as her eyes closed, and he knew her time was running out. He had to do something. "No, Claire. I have to get you some help. I can call an ambulance. When I carried you up here, I saw a phone booth by the street--"
              "Trevor--" Quietly panicked, Claire's arm reached out an stopped him as he rose, even though there was no strength in it at all. "Don't Trevor... They'll.. they'll take you away from me."
              "No they won't, Claire. No one can do that. Not ever. Everything--" Trevor stopped, making an attempt to reassure her, but he didn't believe it even as he said it. "--everything is going to be fine. No matter what happens, no matter what comes... I always love you. Don't worry."
              "Trevor, stay with me. I love you. Please... stay..." Her eyelids fluttered weakly and closed, passing out again.
              He smiled at her, wiping her wet hair back from her cold forehead gently one last time as he looked down at her, tears glittering in his eyes. He exhaled slowly, but he knew he was already set in his course of action. When he spoke, his words were soft and fragile.
              "Not this time, Claire. This time... I'm getting you into the lifeboat."

              I did not believe because I could not see,
              though you came to me in the night
              When the Dawn seemed forever lost,
              you showed me you light in the love of the stars.

              Rain was pelting wildly against the glass walls of the phone booth as Trevor pushed the door to one side and came in, completely soaked, water dripping from his head and arms. Quickly, he picked up the phone receiver.
              "Hello, operator?! Operator! I need an ambulance at my location. My name is Trevor Hale. The one everyone's been looking for. There was a car crash. A woman's been severely injured. Dr. Claire Allen. She's still bleeding. We need medical assistance here. We're somewhere along the coast, in a lighthouse along route--"
              As Trevor continued, the woman still sang, piano cello and viola in the background.

              Cast your eyes to the ocean,
              cast your soul to the sea...

              The sound of the rain falling in a wild deluge was still tapping frantically against the windows inside the lighthouse. Thunder from the storm rumbled through the dim room lit by the small oil lantern. Claire regained consciousness for a few moments, looking weakly around.
              "Trevor don't leave me... I love you... Trevor..?"
              Exhausted, she passed out again.

              When the dark night seems endless,
              please remember me...

              Inside the phone booth, Trevor slammed the receiver back down into the cradle, having finished the call. It was done. They were coming, and nothing could stop it now. He could feel it down to his bones, standing there, soaking wet, the driving rain hitting the glass outside. Time really was running out. Yet he felt strangely liberated, as if all the weight of the past few weeks was washing off of him.
              Breathing more calmly now, he started to leave, the rain slowing outside. But then he stopped, thinking. All around him the music continued to play, serene yet sad. Trevor suddenly knew he had one more call to make. He turned back and put in the last of his money, dialing again.
              "Hello?" A man's voice answered on the other end.
              Trevor blinked, smiling. "Knew you'd be home. Champoo. How you doin' man?"

              Stunned as he stood with the phone against his ear in Jaclyn's quiet apartment, Champ blinked at hearing Trevor's voice coming through the other end. Behind him the apartment was quiet and empty, Jaclyn asleep on the couch where he had draped a blanket over her earlier.
              "Trevor? Trevor, what are you doing. You can't call here." Champ spoke softly yet urgently, trying not ot wake her. "Trevor, this line is bugged. They could trace the call back to where you are."

              In the cramp phone booth, Trevor smiled, the rain falling more gently outside, drops rolling down the glass. "Doesn't matter anymore, Champ. I already told them where I am. An ambulance is coming. Probably a bunch of police too. Claire's hurt, but she'll be okay. I feel it. But my time' running out and I just wanted to say something to you, Champoo."
              "Me?" he said over the phone. "I'm at Jaclyn's. How... how did you know I'd be here?"
              He nodded, looking through the glass towards the still empty road, his face calm. "Let's say I just knew. There's something I need to ask you..."

              The music continued to play all the other sound missing over a scene of a wet, rain slicked road curving silently along the ocean coast, it's shiny surface sliding by underneath and out of sight. Suddenly a string of ambulances and police cruisers came into view, moving swiftly forward along the road. Their colorful emergency lights flashed wildly through the calming rain, a long dazzling line of light in the soft downpour. The somber piano and strings still played over everything as in the far far distance a tiny white pillar was barely visible, the line of vehicles drawing closer. The woman's voice continued to sing, somber yet letting go, accepting.

              Then the mountain rose before me
              By the deep well of desire
              From the fountain of forgiveness
              Beyond the ice and the fire

              "Trevor, I..."
              Not knowing what to do, Champ turned in place in Jaclyn's apartment. Trevor's voice was still coming through the phone.
              "Is Jaclyn there too?"
              He looked over at her, sleeping on the couch. "Yes, Trevor. She's here. Asleep. What do you need me to do?"
              "Champ... I was right about the two of you. I was right all along. Get back together. You and Jaclyn... you belong with each other."
              Still watching her tenderly, Champ answered, his words soft.
              "I... I don't know if that will happen, Trevor."

              Trevor closed his eyes in the phone booth, certain, the rain slower outside.
              "Make it happen, Champ. I don't create love. I never have. I just see. And point people to where their hearts have always belonged."
              "Wait..." Champ sounded confused over the phone. "Wait, with all that's happening this very second.... you took time out just for this?"
              Trevor laughed. "Guess it's who I am. Besides. I love you, man. I was glad you were in my life. And this thing. You and Jaclyn... It's still there. I know it. But you both have to grab it, or it's lost. Beg her for forgiveness. Wake her with a kiss, I don't know. Just show her everyday how much you love her for a dozen years. For the rest of your life. But... make it happen."

              In the quiet of Jaclyn's apartment, Champ was speechless for a moment.
              Then he nodded.
              "Ok. I... I will, Trevor."

              Looking out of the phone booth and into, Trevor saw lights approaching, their reflection flashing off the rain speckled glass as the drops rolled down. "I'm out of time. I gotta go, Champ. Tell Claire I loved her... Every single time."
              "Out of time? Trevor, what do you mean? Trev--"
              Hanging up the phone with a sigh, Trevor prepared himself. Then he opened up the glass door of the phone booth and stepped out into the softly falling rain. Trevor moved out of sight as the reflections of colored emergency lights on the wet glass flashed closer.

              In Jaclyn's apartment, Champ called out louder, concern in his eyes, but the call had already been disconnected. Pausing, Champ finally forced himself to let it go. Trevor was beyond his help now. They had done all they could.
              He turned the wireless phone off with a beep, looking sadly around the quiet apartment. Jaclyn was still asleep, his shouts hadn't awoken her. Champ moved over to her, prepared to tell her what had happened. He knew she would be crushed, that it had all been for nothing. But it had to have been for more than that. It had to have been. As he paused and looked at her sleeping, he saw how beautiful she was lying there.
              Not knowing what would happen or how she would react, Champ decided to try anyway. Remembering what Trevor had said, he slowly fell to one knee in the quiet apartment. Leaning forward, he gently gave her one, soft kiss.

              The already smashed worn wooden door to the lighthouse suddenly burst open again. Police with flashlights and guns drawn rushed in, followed closely behind by paramedics. The multiple white beams swept quickly through the dim interior in many directions a the paramedics moved instantly over to Claire, examining her injuries. Colored emergency lights flashed on the windows as several officers moved up the circular stairs to the upper levels, guns and flashlights pointed up and disappearing from view. As the paramedics treated her, Claire became conscious again, looking around in a haze at all the sudden activity in the small room as several flashlights swept back and forth, still searching.
              A paramedic tried to reassure her. "It's okay ma'am. You're safe now."
              "Where's... where's Trevor?"
              The radio on one of the officer's buzzed, a man's voice reporting. "He's not up here. There are no other points of egress. Lighthouse is clean."
              Another officer, drenched from the rain, came in through the front door. Water dripping off his raincoat, he came up to a police sergeant. "We've circled the building. Nothing."
              Several voices suddenly crackled through the radio at once, multiple officers outside calling in. "We see him! We see him! Over here! Over here!"
              "Go!" All of the police officers rushed outside into the falling rain. Others came stomping down the stairs and followed, leaving Claire behind with only one officer as a guard and the paramedics.
              "Trevor... Where's..." she called weakly out, closing her eyes.

              A dark pair of shoes stepped through wet grass. Further beyond it was another pair, rain drops falling between. Moving up, a scattered line of policeman was revealed, their gun drawn as they carefully advanced forward, ready and alert, ignoring the rain that was falling on them and flashing brightly through the beams of their flashlights. The overcast sky was light gray in the the dim light, but before them, the clouds were beginning to break, fragments beginning to show. And visible a dozen yards ahead, his clothes completely soaked, was Trevor, outlined against the sky on the edge of a high rocky fall with ocean waves in the distance. The music continued to play, a woman singing.

              Cast your eyes on the ocean
              Cast your soul to the sea
              When the dark night seems endless
              Please remember me

              Falling out of the sky above, the rain was starting to lessen even more, but still lightly falling as the clouds began to release the last of their moisture. Trevor stood alone as he faced the ocean, not turning around. He felt exposed and out in the open as he stood at the edge of that high cliff. Ignoring everything else, Trevor was thinking, searching inside of himself. Looking out over the water before him, he saw sunlight already falling through the low ceiling of clouds, angling down in golden shafts onto the gray, undulating surface of the ocean. His skin tingled lightly as a misty, salty breeze flowed over him where he stood and looked out. Suddenly Trevor felt the urge to soar again, to fly without a machine around him, high into the clouds to follow the falling sunlight.
              He looked fearfully down the deep drop before him at the water crashing on the rocky shoreline far below. As he watched, raindrops fell past him, disappearing. Inside, Trevor didn't even know if his memories of flying free were even real. Maybe he would just step off that cliff and fall to his death. A delusional man ending his life. Yet inside, he knew he was still deciding, standing with one foot on the edge, standing on the edge of two worlds.
              Slowly, Trevor lifted one foot up as if to take a step forward, remembered doing the same thing atop the skyscraper after shooting Faith. Then his footing slipped unexpectedly, sending rocks and fragments of wet mud plummeting into the deep drop as he steadied himself again. The question still danced in his mind. Did he truly know he was Cupid inside? Were any of those concepts actually real and not just self delusion? If he stepped off and into the air at that exact moment, if he finally tested the truth at last...
              His upper body seemed to lean forward, strangely pulled by the chasm before him.

              Though we share this humble path, alone
              How fragile is the heart
              Oh give these clay feet wings to fly
              To touch the face of the stars

              Trevor didn't turn as the officers behind surrounded him in a semi-circle, keeping a discreet distance away from him. Every one of their guns was still trained on him. He could feel it in his shoulders. One of the officers called out to him, but none of them came any closer.
              "Sir, back away from the cliff! Don't make this harder! It's all over..."
              Trevor hardly heard what the man was saying. Instead he looked up, searching for answers, not ready to leave, not ready to take that last step forward and leave everything behind, no matter which truth was real. But inside he felt something. Maybe it really was time. Time to end this. Time to finally know, one way or the other. Was he crazy? Was he Cupid? Could he live with himself if he wasn't?
              Trevor's face began to fall sadly, tears in his eyes. Still not turning away from the drop before him, he took several steps backwards towards the officers, frightened, unsure. He could barely see, his vision distorted by lenses of lingering tears before being released, streaming down his face.

              The half circle of police officers tensed for a moment, but calmed somewhat when they saw him backing away from the edge. The rain still fell lightly from the sky, their guns tracking him without pause. The same officer called out again.
              "That's it! Step away from the edge! It's all over now!"
              The woman's voice continued to sing as a piano and viola played softly, delicate over the tense scene under the rain.

              Breathe life into this feeble heart
              Lift this mortal veil of fear
              Take these crumbled hopes, etched with tears
              We'll rise above these earthly cares

              Exhausted, distraught, Trevor blinked away his tears and looked up into the clouds. A few remaining drops of rain fell on his cheeks softly, water dripping down his forehead. Above in the pale gray, the clouds twisted, separating even more. Then, in his tired haze, Trevor felt... he saw something. High above, through the chaos of the clouds as they broke apart. Trevor thought he could make out distant shapes. Images. Of snow capped mountains and gleaming temples, shining in the distant sun. Surprised, he watched with awe, his eyes clearing, transfixed. And out of nowhere, he felt a sudden twitching on his back. There was some strange sensation of fluttering as if something powerful flexed and moved. Claire had told him his wings had always been there. And now... standing at the cliff at last, could he hear the sound of a wing flapping?

              Behind him the line of officers tensed again, wondering why he had stopped backing away from the rocky drop. One officer followed his gaze up when he saw Trevor staring at something in the sky with absolute wonder. But he only saw rainy skies and nothing more. Looking back down he watched what appeared to be merely a simple man, standing drenched on the edge of a cliff, motionless. He called out again.
              "It's all over now! There's no where else to go!"

              Cast your eyes on the ocean
              Cast your soul to the sea
              When the dark night seems endless,
              Please remember me...

              A smile broke across Trevor's features, the light rain falling joyfully on his upturned face as he closed his eyes. Trevor spread his arms straight to either side, relishing the sensations in him. Opening his eyes, he looked straight ahead, happy, resolute. He had his answer. A person couldn't stay on the edge forever. They either decided to go past it, or to turn away. Decided to live, or decided to stop.
              The rain falling from the sky finally ceased.
              Trevor decided to live. The woman repeated over and over, the strings playing notes rising higher and higher.

              Please remember me...

              Without turning, Trevor sprinted, running forward. The edge raced closer to him, bouncing as he ran, feeling exhilarated.

              Inside the lighthouse, the paramedics were treating Claire, a few officers staying behind. Then suddenly all their emergency radios crackled with several voices, many people speaking at once.
              "He jumped! He jumped!"

               Please remember me...

              Through the clouds, bright sunlight suddenly burst forth and flowed directly onto the cliff face, illuminating everything, rain falling like golden stars. Blinded by the glare, the officers pushed forward to the edge after Trevor.

               Please remember me...

             The piano and viola faded, and the chorus returned , singing as they had before. The police were clustered on the cliff face. Their shadows seemed to move back and forth across that bright glare shining from above as they searched. More quick, tense calls crackled over the radio, all of them looking, searching as the woman continued to sing. But not one officer looked up. With guns drawn, they were shadows on the edge of the cliff, searching the rocks below and the surface of the water., bathed in that golden light. To either side of that brilliantly luminous point, the dark clouds shifted and spread, breaking further apart.

               Please remember me...

              The radios continued to call out.
              "Unit 3, you got him?"
              "Negative. Nothing here."
              "Unit 7 here. No sign of suspect."
              "Unit 12, do you see any sign of a splash from over there?"
              "No splash."
              "No splash here either."

              The woman's voice continued to singing, repeating, growing faint, a violin playing softly, still going higher and higher.

              Please remember me...

              Voices continued to report in with no result. Above them, the sky seemed to turn contentedly around the sun as the clouds began to clear even more. It's light glowed down at them as the world spun, seemingly growing closer and closer until it filled everything, at peace.

              The sun flared and lessened again. The chorus had returned in the same mournful tones. The slowly turning sky had finally cleared as the glare lessened, revealing a clear late afternoon sky that that felt new and cleansed as the sun dipped further towards the horizon. Several ambulances and police cars were still clustered around the lighthouse in the warm light, the storm gone. Uniformed officers still searched all the area half heatedly but they no longer expected much, having found nothing all afternoon.
              The doors were open at the back of one ambulance, the police sergeant standing nearby. Inside, Claire was seated upright, a dry hospital blanket wrapped around her, being treated by a female paramedic. The paramedic had already sealed her head wound, now checking her further. Claire was still in a daze as she sat there, feeling weak.
              The female paramedic continued to check her vitals. Despite the fact that several wires and machines were hooked up to her, she preferred to do it by hand, holding Claire's wrist as she looked down at her watch. She spoke simply to Claire as she worked, trying to reassure her.
              "You're out of danger now, Mrs. Allen. We've stopped the bleeding. Got your body temperature back up. The IV fluids should help. You've been through a traumatic, physical ordeal, but your injuries have been stabilized and you'll be okay."
              Claire didn't say anything, not responding., staring straight ahead. The paramedic checked Claire's bandage and dressing again, the police sergeant still standing a few steps away. Sounding impressed, the woman continued to speak to her. "You have a strength in you, Mrs. Allen. Being kidnapped like that... it must have been horrible."
              Surprised, Claire finally looked at her, blinking when she realized how the woman saw what had happened to her. "He didn't kidnap me... He saved me."
              The paramedic nodded, not really understanding. "Well... considering your injuries, I'm sure there will be some disorientation. We'll keep an eye on you. And there's still some things we'd like to check back at the hospital."
              Claire lowered her head slowly, saddened by the fact that the woman didn't believe her. Saddened by the fact that the world would probably never understand. She said it anyway, her words soft.
              "He saved me. From my life, from my fears. From myself. Trevor saved me."
              The woman checked Claire's head. "I'm sure he did. It's okay, Mrs. Allen. All that. All that happened is over. You're safe now. He's gone."
              "Trevor's gone?"
              "Yes, ma'am. Probably dead. Didn't want to go with the officers so he jumped off the cliff over there."
              Claire looked straight ahead when she heard that, shocked, only half there.
              "He didn't jump."
              "The officers saw it, Mrs. Allen."
              The police sergeant standing nearby spoke up. "Yes. Ma'am. We did. I tried to talk him back, but--" there was a guilty pain in the man's eyes as he continued, "--but I failed. We all watched him fall past the cliff's edge. He was gone by the time we got there. Haven't found a body yet, but nobody could have survived that fall. Divers will be searching the bottom tonight, but you're safe now. "
              Claire was still staring sadly ahead, her eyes glittering. But suddenly through all of her sadness, she managed a tiny smile. When she softly spoke, her words were fragile, but her voice was certain.
              "He didn't jump... He flew."
              Out of nowhere she was suddenly full of energy and purpose. Claire tried to rise up from where she was seated, wires and IV tubes being pulled with her. The paramedic tried to get her to stop
              "Ma'am, please sit down. we'll be taking you to the hospital soon. You still need medical attention."
              "I want to see it," Claire said simply, removing the wires and monitoring equipment, hopping out of the ambulance.
              "Ma'am, I--"
              "I want to see it!"
              The police sergeant spoke up again. "Let her see it."

              The cliff face was calm. No one was there anymore. Ahead the ocean stretched calmly to a clear horizon and a setting sun.
              Slowly, Claire walked forward to the spot on the cliff where Trevor had left. Before her, the setting sun was now golden, tinting everything in rich, colorful hues. The police sergeant and the paramedic stayed a discreet distance back, giving her the room she needed. Claire stepped carefully, getting closer and closer to the edge, her heart beating fast. As she approached, she didn't know what she was feeling. empty, lost confused? Wanting to step off and follow?
              Closing her eyes, she paused reluctantly, standing on the edge. Then she leaned forward and out slightly, looking down. The sound of crashing waves whispered in her ears. She watched the water as it swirled and foamed amongst the rocks below. But there was nothing there. No sign of Trevor at all, no feel of him. He was gone. She looked around, before bringing her gaze back up. The ocean was calm, glittering in the sun. The sky was clear, a soft yellow and orange, peaceful, no feeling of Trevor there either. It was like he had disappeared, not leaving a mark. And in her heart she knew. He hadn't hit those rocks. He never touched them.
              Sadly, Claire wrapped her arms tightly around herself, looking into the bright glowing circle of the setting sun, shining in her eyes. She couldn't turn her gaze from it, searching into it, the only bright thing in the sky. It filled her with warmth, thinking that maybe Trevor was somewhere on the other side of that glowing light, wondering if she would ever see him again.
              Unexpected, a soft breeze came off the ocean, brushing past her face like a caress. Claire closed her glittering eyes gratefully, laughing softly at the sensation as a tear rolled down her cheek.
              She opened her eyes again, looking back into the sun. She already missed him, his touch, his smell, his sound, feeling an emptiness and a pull inside her chest, her heart, her soul. Knowing it was over. Yet no matter what had really happened, no matter what she felt right now, she knew. Knew everything would be ok. Eventually. But for now she let the feelings live and breath as they moved through her, flowing free, crying softly.
              With a sigh, Claire paused, reluctant to turn away, her eyes still glittering,, tears drying coolly on her cheeks, still feeling him somewhere on the other side of the sun. Breathing in the smell of the ocean and the grass and holding onto it for as long as she could, closing her eyes, trying to keep everything about that moment. The air, the sun, the sky. Then... she exhaled, finally letting go.
              Opening her eyes, she looked into the light, unwavering. For the longest time, she had felt and dreamed she was running. Always running. She wasn't running anymore.
              "Goodbye, Trevor."
              Claire turned calmly and left, heading back to the ambulance. She didn't look back.

              3 YEARS LATER...

              At that time of the day the Chicago sky was overcast and gray, heading into late summer as it stretched above. There was grass below, and rows and rows of tombstones, sliding slowly past. Claire moved carefully forward through them, coming into view, her steps whispers on the soft grass. She was alone as she walked, no one else in sight. Claire paused, steadying herself. This day was hard, every year. It had never been easy to come here, to see this place, and it still wasn't. She tried to have a happy life, but today, she let those old feelings breathe and flow again, even if for only this one day. She was dressed in simple black, a formal knee length dress adorning her form. As she gathered herself, the vast field of tombstones remained quiet, and she was glad she was alone. There were others who could have accompanied her, but inside she felt she could only handle this if she was on her own. Just her and whatever part of Trevor she carried inside her. Claire seemed to find her courage and she moved forward again, her footsteps the only sound except for a few birds chirping in the distance.
              A piano began to play sadly, completely alone. Then a man began to sing.
              Goodnight my angel time to close your eyes
              and save these questions for another day.
              I think I know what you've been asking me.
              I think you know what I've been trying to say

              Looking down, she finally stopped, her gaze on the tombstone before her. Her eyes didn't stray from it, watching it sadly, but not turning it away. The paramedic who had treated her three years ago had been right about one thing. There was a strength in her, a strength she never imagined she could have in this situation, But it was there, solid, holding her up.
              The tombstone before her was simple enough, just like so many of the others in the cemetery around her. One small things separated it from the others. On it's square top, instead of a statue of a star, or a cross, or a crescent... there was a heart. And what was inscribed on its front made it different too. There was an image of a heart, a bow, and an arrow overlapping carved into it. And beneath that the words.


              She hadn't asked for any dates. To her Trevor was timeless, and always would be. Besides, putting a date of death seemed wrong somehow, like it didn't fit with what his life had been.
              Claire looked to the sky, despondent, remembering that day on the coast, looking into the sun. She had felt him so close then. But now, here in this place, it was like he was completely gone. She couldn't feel him here at all.
              "Trevor?" Claire called weakly out, uncertain, wiping away a tear. She called out louder. "Trevor?!"
              Her words echoed over the tombstones... but there was no response. Looking back down, she spoke again softly, more for herself than for any hope of an answer.
              "It's been hard, Trevor. I... I miss you so much. I've lived my life. Continued. But.... I miss you. It's not the same. It never will be. I guess... I don't like the world without you in it. I need you to come back to me."
              There was no sound. Claire kept looking down, voice fragile.
              "Please, Trevor. I love you. I need you to come back."
              She breathed in, stopping herself from crying, when suddenly... there was the sound of footsteps approaching. Claire caught motion out of the corner of her eye.
              Her heart beat faster for a brief moment as she whirled around to see a man approaching, walking towards her. But then, as she got a better look, her hopes fell. A dark suit. A dour, bearded face. It was Dr. Frechette. The world would stay exactly the way it was. There would be no miracles.
              Turning back to Trevor's tombstone, Claire wiped away the tear on her cheek, accepting it. It's the way it was. Frechette was still coming straight towards her, moving forward, but doing it slowly... as if strangely reluctant. But after several long moments, he finally stepped up and was at her side, also looking down at Trevor's tombstone. Claire didn't look at him. She didn't feel any anger towards him anymore. On days like today, it was like she didn't feel much of anything anymore. There was no malice in her words as she spoke, instead sounding tired, resigned.
              "Hello, Ian."
              Frechette watched Trevor's grave, his stance awkward as he stood beside her. There were several silent moments when it seemed he had something to say, but didn't know how to. At one point he even reached one arm out behind her as if to try to comfort her by placing it on her shoulders. But it wavered and he pulled it back without Claire seeing, not used to that action.
              "Claire... there's something I need to give you now."
              Interrupted, she looked at him a she wiped her eyes.
              "I'm supposed to give something to you."
              "To me? what is it?"
              "A message. A note. From Faith. She left it to me to give to you. A slip of paper. She wanted you to have it."
              Claire didn't understand. "What? Why? Why would Mary--"
              "Because Faith knew you would be here. Today. In this spot. She knew years before all this happened. Knew it to the minute."
              Claire couldn't believe it. "But, how--... How would she..."
              Frechette actually smiled, a strange sight for him, but he obviously still felt a sense of wonder at what Faith had done. "I don't know, Claire. I don't know how she did all the things she did. I guess I just stopped questioning it. I just accept it now  on... on faith."
              He extended a small, worn looking piece of paper in his hand towards her. Faith's writing was visible on it, faded, less than a sentence's worth. Frechette held it in the air between them, waiting for her to take it, outlines of tombstones in the background, as the worn note fluttered in the breeze. "I'm not sure what it means, Claire. But I think you should have it."
              Claire reached out and took it, the note slipping from his fingers and into her hand, small and inconsequential. There wasn't much on it, but it did have today's date, time, and place on it with a 'For Claire' marking. There was also a word and a few other numbers, the note's ink old and fading.
              Frechette started to walk away after she accepted it, having done what he meant to do. But then, several feet away, he stopped and turned towards her.
              "For what it's worth, Claire... I believe him."
              Claire didn't know how to answer him, surprised. Then she looked at him gratefully.
              "Thank you, Ian."
              The bearded man walked away with a smile, moving off in the rows of tombstones. She blinked when she saw his right arm extend out slightly at an angle, and then his fingers curled around air, as of holding something that wasn't there, walking happily forward. Claire looked back at the marker on Trevor's grave. It had been 3 years ago today, and every year she came here on the anniversary, hoping it would get better, waiting for it to get easier. She was still waiting.
              Finding no comfort and no answers, Claire ignored the slip of paper in her hand and slipped it into her blouse pocket. Instead she took out a white rose from the bag she was carrying with her, and gently laid it at Trevor's grave, kissing her hand tenderly then placing it to Trevor's name.
              Claire stood up again, turned around and went home.

              Stepping inside, Claire dropped her keys on the small table beside the door as she entered her home. She still felt tired and crestfallen from all the emotions of visiting Trevor's grace today, pausing to look around her house. It was large and lush, and for the moment anyway peacefully quiet. Claire realized she was grateful for that. She still had time before it would all become hectic again. Jaclyn wasn't scheduled to come back until 3:00.
              Walking into her living room, she walked past a small statue on the mantle, a figurine of a smiling Cupid cherub, the arrow on its bow pointed towards her. She stopped and looked at it again, realizing it was strange that she had never moved it, considering it was Faith who had left it there on the night she had broken in and Trevor killed her. But somehow, over time, the trauma of that night had faded, and now she associated it more with Trevor's life than Faith's death. When she looked at it, she usually though only of him. So she had kept the figurine where Faith had put it, no matter how strange it seemed. Just her little figurine of Cupid with it's bow and arrow. An arrow that was strangely pointed at her blouse pocket.
              She blinked, remembering the note that Frechette had given her. Taking it out, she looked at the small worn piece of paper again. It was definitely Faith's handwriting, she recognized it from the files Dr. Dehnt had had her look at. It was worn, as if Frechette had handled it, over and over. There wasn't much else on it, just a series of numbers and one word.
              Claire's brow furrowed, looking at the numbers, trying to understand them, reading them out loud.
              "11:30 a.m. ch. 7. What is that supposed to mean?"
              She looked over at her wall clock, blinking when at exactly that moment the minute hand flicked from the :29 spot to the :30 spot. Curious, she grabbed the remote for her tv, turning it on, not knowing what to expect. Claire watched skeptically for a moment, feeling silly that she was going along with this. For several seconds the transmission ws innocuous, a flashy commercial for some large masculine truck. She reached out for the remote and picked it up, about to turn it off when the commercial ended and the program resumed. A camera showed a  warm, sunny landscape and blue skies, all set over the voice of an enthusiastic sports announcer,. Sighing, Claire decided to listen, not really watching.
              "Welcome back to Athens, Greece, everybody for the Summer Olympics. We are live at the gold medal round of the Archery competition, where a local favorite is already dominating this tournament. Seemed to come out of nowhere. A phenomenal, phenomenal competitor, He's just hitting everything he's shooting at today."
              "I'll say, Tom. Even down to hitting on some of the pretty locals. There he is on screen, talking to a several blond young female fans from Greece. The guy's quite the charmer."
              "Yes he is, Jim. The women here really seem to adore this guy."
              Claire was watching now.
              She was dumbstruck, staring in shock, her body completely still as all thought left her. She forgot everything else. Forgot the remote that clattered out of her motionless hand to the floor. Forgot her home or anyone outside it. Forgot how to breathe, her mind growing dizzy, full of amazement.
              Slowly, she leaned forward, speaking softly.
              "Oh... my god."

              The crumbling, ancient steps and columns of the Acropolis were bright in the warm Grecian sun, clustered on a high hilltop with the rest of the albeit more modern city of Athens stretching all around it. Through a dim haze, the blue waters of the Mediterranean could be seen, visible in the distance. The place was quieter than usual, not many tourists visiting today.
              Except for one.
              A woman stepped forward, her shoe coming into view as she moved past the tumbled ruins sliding past. Looking up, Claire was revealed, walking quietly across the hilltop site. She couldn't believe she was here. Couldn't believe how much her life had changed in the past few days. She still didn't know if any of this was real, feeling like she was walking in a dream. Stepping resolutely ahead, she ignored the few tourists who actually were there and taking pictures. Ignored the vendors selling food that smelled good on the warm air. One older gentleman had a small radio playing a pop song sung in greek, the sound dancing on the breeze off the Mediterranean. Claire was instead gathering her strength, willing herself ahead, and needing everything she was to keep going forward. She had some many fragile hopes that were on the edge of being crushed at any moment. She was glad she could feel the sun on her skin, warm and real. Otherwise, she would still be convinced that what was happening to her was all only a dream.
              Claire moved past a column, and suddenly she saw a figure, a man standing beyond the foot of the Acropolis and near the edge of the hill, looking out to the sea, more worn pillars near him. She stopped, not knowing what to do, afraid she would blink and he would disappear. She still couldn't see his face because he hadn't turned around, and for a moment she was uncertain she wanted him to. Her hopes were so fragile inside her that if he turned and she saw a face other than the one she--
              The man turned around, and Trevor looked tat her with a smile. He nodded to the ruins around them.
              "You mortals," he teased. "Can't take good care of anything."
              The world sped up, and Claire hardly realized that she was had rushed forward and was already in his arms, tears she hadn't know were there streaming down her face, as the fragile part of her broke at last. She kissed him again, again, again, again, again, and again, happier in that moment than she had ever been, the emotions bursting out of her like a nova. Trevor kissed her back, relishing her, laughing with her.
              "Oh god, Trevor. Tell me your real. Just tell me that you're real."
              "I'm very real. In a lot of--" he looked down at her body against his, "--good ways. I love you so much, Claire. I'm home. I'm home."
              She pulled back and caressed the sides of his beloved face, her eyes glittering as she looked joyfully into his.
              "Trevor! Oh god it's been years! Why haven't I heard from you? Where have you been?"
              Trevor's expression became more serious, looking at her lovingly and caressing Claire's cheek. "Well, there weren't any cell phones where I was. I went back to what I thought was my home. Back to olympus. They finally accepted me again. Took me in. Lectured me. And lectured me. Over and over and over. For so long that even Sisyphus heard. He sent me a hastily written sympathy note via dove. Eventually, they stopped. Told me not to do it again. And finally, at the end, they asked me... had I learned anything. During my time down here, had I learned my lesson. So I told them. If I really wanted to be a better god of love, I had to be with the woman that I love. When I said that, Athena smiled. She was always the smart one. So I fell. Fell again actually. Maybe that's what they mean by falling in love, huh? Falling home. To you."
              He held Claire closer, looking tenderly into her eyes, watching a breeze played softly through her dark hair, drying the tears on her face. He touched them, sad they were there, but his voice was full of certainty.
              "Claire, I realize now it doesn't matter where I am to be who I am. I'm always Cupid. And you... you're where I belong, Claire. When I'm with you... I'm already home."
              She kissed Trevor again, happy to finally feel him under her arms, under her lips again, the kiss long and deep.
              "Welcome home, Cupid." she said with a breathy smile.
              Trevor swooned slightly from the intensity of the kiss. The when he looked at her face, suddenly he seemed amused. "Wait, you're not... you're not really sure that you believe me, are you? Some part of you still wonders. Did I fall in the water or get amnesia again or something and flee the country to come here."
              "Well... it all does seem a little convenient, Trevor." She smiled as she teased him, able to hold it for a second before laughing. "It doesn't really matter. I'm just happy you're back."
              He nodded. "That's okay, Scully. I kinda like that some things don't change completely."
              "I'm not Scully."
              "You might look good in red hair."
              "I look terrible in red hair."
              Pulling away from her, he stepped forward towards the vista before them. "Well, you don't have to believe I'm Cupid to take a few days with me to let me show you my city, Claire. We can go anywhere. They love me here."
              "So I heard." Happily, she stepped closer. "Let me show you something instead, Trevor. Something more than memories of old buildings. Something that will make you feel young, as when the world was new. Something that proves to me, that you really are Cupid."
              Curious, Trevor looked at her in the sunlight, not knowing what she meant. Grinning, Claire gave him an enigmatic look as she reached out, offering her hand. It waited there, outlined against the ruins of the Acropolis behind. Grateful, Trevor took her hand into his own, real, pure under his touch. An emotional connection sealed between them in that small simple act, like it had for everyone throughout all time. Their fingers wrapped together, complete again. A soft breeze came faintly through the ruins, washing approvingly over them as Claire led Trevor carefully back. he exhaled happily, not knowing what to expect. In that moment, the world was filled with possibilities.
              Up ahead at the curb, Trevor saw where Claire had parked her rented car, and he stopped when he saw who was there.
              Jaclyn and Champ had come with her to Greece, and they were kissing, not having seen them yet. But what amazed him was that they were clearly a couple again, and Trevor's heart soared happily as the two of them still kissed, gently in each other's arms.
              Claire moved behind him when he stopped, whispering happily into his ear, both of them looking forward at the gentle scene.
              "Behold your accomplishments, Trevor. You are Cupid. There. Right before us. Is the proof."
              When the kiss between Jaclyn and Champ finally ended, they pulled apart, and suddenly Trevor realized the two of them were not alone. Champ was carrying a small child in his arms, a tiny girl, the two adults shifting their attention to her, playing with her as she reached out to both of them. Trevor and Claire began to walk closer, Trevor still feeling pleasantly stunned.
              Jaclyn finally saw him and her face lit up, running over and kissing him happily all over the face, nearly jumping on the spot from excitement. With a smile on his face, Champ walked over too, still carrying the little girl against his much larger form and looking at Trevor gratefully.
              "Hello again, Cupid." Champ teased. "What took you so long? Some part of me just knew I couldn't get rid of a roommate as annoying as you so easily. Oh, and by the way.. You still owe me about five years of back rent."
              Trevor laughed. "The check's in the mail, man"
              Champ nodded. "Always is."
              Trevor reached out and hugged Champ happily, slapping him on the back with one arm. "Good to see you, Champoo."
              "Likewise, Trevor."
              Smiling, Trevor looked at the little girl he was carrying. "Thank god she looks nothing like you, huh?"
              Champ smirked but said nothing, handing the child to Claire before turning back to Trevor with both arms free and open. "Now give me a real hug, God of Love."
              With a laugh, Trevor obliged. Beside them, Claire lifted the little girl playfully into the air, making her giggle wildly. Champ squeezed Trevor hard in a deep bear hug.
              Trevor's voice sounded strained. "Too much crushing... too much crushing!!"
              When the manly bear hug finally stopped manly-ly, Claire turned towards him with the little girl in her arms.
              "Trevor, there's someone else you should meet. this... is your daughter. Bliss."
              Trevor froze, stunned.
              And his world changed forever.
              Moving forward, he looked slowly into his daughter's eyes, his own eyes beginning to glitter. Bliss looked at him, curiously, and then she smiled. She looked angelic, serene, wisdom beyond her years behind her kind brown eyes. Slowly her hand reached out and grabbed his larger fingers softly, pulling him out of his stunned silence. Trevor's face twisted joyfully even more, happy beyond belief as his heart filled beyond all the spaces in all the worlds of the entire universe. As he stood there with Claire beside him and his daughter holding his hand, Trevor finally felt something deeper and stronger than he had ever felt before.
              Slowly, he leaned down, and kissed his daughter on the forehead. Closing his eyes, he whispered to himself... as a tear rolled down his cheek.
              "Now I know what love is..."
              Straightening up, he took Bliss into his arms, holding her and filled with joy. the child touched his face with recognition, still smiling. Claire watched the two of them together, seeing something she never dreamed she would get to see, Bliss with her father. And suddenly, as Trevor laughed with Jaclyn and Champ while they teased him and compared her facial features with his, Claire started to worry, thinking ahead, going over their situation in her thoughts. Her face became concerned.
              "What do we do now, Trevor?"
              Looking happily over at her, he tried to reassure her. "Don't worry, Claire... We can stay in Athens for as long as we like. All of us..." he included Champ and Jaclyn in his gaze. "And maybe later, we can make our way back to Chicago."
              Claire thought about what she had left behind. "Well... lots of things are different back home, Trevor. We can stay here for awhile, but beyond that... I really don't know where we go from here. I don't know what happens next."
              "An oracle once told me, not knowing is the one true joy of life. It'll be okay, Claire. Everything will be fine."
              Trevor was playing with Bliss again, tossing her lightly in the air which she enjoyed immensely, making her laugh. Touching Trevor's shoulder, Claire didn't seem convinced.
              "Trevor, what if someone discovers that you're still here? That you're alive? You could still be facing charges back home. I cleared up the mistake about the kidnapping. And they sorta believed Claire's shooting was self defense, but... I mean, they listened, they seemed to understand, but they never dropped the charge. Not to mention the charges of resisting arrest, Grand theft auto... should I go on?"
              "Technically you stole that second car Claire, not me."
              "Ok, granted. But my point is, you should be keeping a low profile, Trevor. Not winning several Olympic gold medals on national TV. Or setting records."
              He smiled proudly. "That was cool, wasn't it?"
              "Trevor, you could be extradited."
              "I won't."
              "You might."
              "They can't."
              "Why not?" she asked.
              "Because I'm safe here, Claire. I'm safe no matter where I go." Shifting Bliss to one arm, Trevor pulled Claire closer, leaned her very far back and kissed her deeply, the little girl laughing, spreading her arms as she hovered in her precarious position in mid air.
              Pulling Claire back up, Trevor nodded when she seemed to wobble and swoon slightly this time as she caught her breath. "You liked that huh?"
              He turned to his daughter and saw her reaching her arms forward, wanting to hover again, giggling. "Oh, you liked it too, didn't you."
              Trevor lifted his daughter Bliss into the air, then lifting her higher still. She seemed to enjoy being free, elevated into the sky. Still laughing happily, the little girl looked up, outlined against beautiful clouds and a sunny field of blue, bathed by the warm Grecian sun.
              The man and the piano began to sing again, the same lullabye as before in the graveyard.

              Goodnight my angel now it's time to dream,
              and dream how wonderful your life will be

              Out of sight below, Claire spoke again.
              "Trevor, how can you be so sure?"
              His voice answered. "I have friends in high places."

              Someday your child may cry and if you sing this lullabye
              then in your heart, there will always be a part of me

              Still held high in Trevor's hands, the little girl laughed at being so far above, wanting to go higher. Her small arms reached out, tiny fingers reaching for the clouds before Trevor lowered her out of view, leaving behind a beautiful, serene sky.

              Someday we'll all be gone, but lullabyes go on and on
              They never die that's how you and I will be...

              The world seemed whole again, and everything faded to black.

Author's note: I had planned for this to be the end, but I may continue the story and write more. Probably it will be titled Shadow Dance. Guess the faucet hasn't dripped dry yet. :)