Trevor shook his head angrily. "You can't give me one thing, can you. Look, it's all just a pretense, all right? To help Jaclyn and Champ. I know it's asking a lot to spend a few torturous hours with me-"
            "But I guess I'll have to understand if you're busy with Frank." He turned away.
            Claire understood a little better. Trevor felt neglected. She should have expected this once she got a boyfriend. She forgot how needy he could be sometimes. She looked at his reactions in a new light, seeing how her rebuff had hurt him. Patient or not, he was her friend. Perhaps Frank wasn't the only relationship she had that needed attention.
            "Trevor, about last night. I'm sorry if I couldn't-"
            Trevor didn't want to hear it. "Look. I'll be there. Champ will be there. Jaclyn will be there. Just thought you might like to help out like you promised. So what is it Claire. Are you in or out?"
            "I don't appreciate ultimatums, Trevor." But she understood this one. Trevor needed some validation. And if she were honest with herself, she wanted to go. She had come close to going with him last night. It wasn't like she didn't want to spend time with Trevor. Franks words last night suddenly came back to her. That maybe she should go out with Trevor to see if there was any attraction there. She knew that was ridiculous, but in a way, this would prove it to herself. Besides, for some reason she didn't like Trevor being mad at her. Combative, sure. Flattering, always. Flirtatious, of course. But not angry. Maybe this would help her get Trevor out of his mood. Reluctantly she sighed.
            "Okay. I'll go, Trevor."
            Trevor nodded, not looking at her. "Fine." He spoke without enthusiasm, turning to leave without another word.
            "Trevor," Claire called out to him, but he went through the door and left without looking back.
            "You're welcome, she said softly to no one in particular. Exhaling, she sat down on her chair, thinking about what she had just agreed to. Trevor didn't seem any happier. It wasn't a good sign. "Oh. This'll be fun," she said dryly.

            Jaclyn's hopes deflated. He didn't understand.
            Champ understood. But the last thing he wanted to do was leave. "I'll manage, Jaclyn, thank you. I'm having a really good time with you. DId I tell you you look beautiful tonight? I don't think I've ever seen a floral centerpiece look so jealous."
            "Oh," Jaclyn said without enthusiasm. "Thank you, Champ."
            Trevor leaned over as far as he could acorss the table to whisper into Jaclyn's ear. She smiled shen his face came near hers, feeling a thrill move through her.
            "See," Trevor said approvingly, "You ruin his pants and he tells you how nice you look. You got him wrapped around your finger. Reel him in." Trevor pulled quickly back just as Jaclyn turned her face towards him, lips parted, unable to stop herself.
            Claire looked into Champ's eyes for a moment, raising an eyebrow in approval at his compliment. Then she caught herself looking past Champ's shoulder and out of nowhere she froze, jaw dropping slowly in shock. She looked in an apparent panic at how closely Trevor was seated to her, at what this must all seem like. Claire's eyes darted back to what she had spotted.
            "Oh god," she said desperately.
            "Speaking," Trevor responded instantly.
            "Trevor, move! Get out of here! Go! Go! Get up, Trevor!" She began pushing frantically at his shoulder, trying to get him to stand.
            Trevor seemed dumb founded at her sudden attack. "Claire! What's gotten into you? What have I done now?"
            "Just move, Trevor! Get up, now!"
            "I think you should explain what you're doing Claire, because if this is foreplay-"
            Claire shoved her arm up her side from her frantically, face in a grimace that was almost comic as she pointed. They all turned their heads to look across the restauraunt.
            Now Trevor's expression almost matched Claire's. "Oh me..."
            Jaclyn turned quickly around when she recognized the woman Claire had pointed at. She too a breath to calm himself. Not now, Jaclyn thought, feeling her little scheme coming apart at the seems.
            Champ was the only one who didn't seem to underestand, not recognizing the woman. "Wait, who is that?"
            Claire continued to beat Trevor's shoulder. "Trevor, hurry! get up! We can't be seen together like this!" Trevor almost looked like a deer caught in the headlights, looking around the table and uncertain which way to go where he wouldn't be seen.
            "Champ!" Claire said desperately. "Get up! Switch places with Trevor! Hurry! You're my date!"