A vignette about the tv show, Cupid
by Steve 0yervidez

            Trevor looked away as the group at the table behind him stopped singing. The birthday girl at that table smiled in appreciation. Trevor smirked as he faced Claire, Jaclyn, and Champ.
            "You mortals are always so obsessed with birthdays..." he sounded amused by it.
            "Yeah," Champ said. "It's really a pain to actually have to count the years of a finite mortality."
            "Mine's in February..." Jaclyn offered brightly.
            "Really?" Trevor teased her. "I'd love to see the you model the original suit sometime."
            Jaclyn sipped her drink, looking at him. "Would you?"
            Claire smiled. "You mean an omniscient being like your self hasn't snuck a peek already, Trevor? I'm impressed. Didn't you mention you did once with me?"
            Trevor shrugged. "Hey, I'm a gentleman. Besides, in your case, all the gods took a peek. You have the cutest-" He brought his hands up to demonstrate.
            "Trevor," she cut him off. "You're reality zipper is open again."
            Champ smiled. "When's you're birthday, Claire?"
            "June 12th. Yours?"
            Trevor sighed. "The unbearable minutiae of mortality." he held his hands out to his sides. "WHAT'S THE BIG DEAL! It's just another day."
            Claire shook her head. "To sane people, it's an important day, Trevor. A reminder of beginnings. Of the people we care about. Of the important things that make up a life."
            Jaclyn smiled. "Hey. Wait a minute. It never occurred to me to ask. When's you're birthday, Trevor?"
            He dodged the question. "I'll never tell when my..." Trevor realized what he had said. "Wait. I mean I don't have one."
            Claire looked at Trevor, elbowing him. "Come on, Eros. Fess up."
            Trevor shook his head nervously. "There were no human calendars back then. So it... it doesn't matter."
            Champ smiled. "I think someone's afraid of showing his age. Afraid of looking old in front of some younger, studlier deity, Trevor? Afraid of being sent to the Olympus retirement home for delusional gods of love?"
            Trevor smiled. "Maybe. Maybe not, since it does have hot and cold running nymphs. Either way I'll never tell my birthday to anyone, because I really don't have one. Look, I've got to go."
            Trevor got up to leave, but Claire followed him, not willing to give up so easily on what could be valuable information of Trevor's past. She followed him outside onto the sidewalk in front of Taggerty's. "Trevor...?"
            He turned at her voice. "Yeah?"
            "Please tell me when you're birthday is. For me? Pretty please? On second thought, let me guess. You're birthday's Valentine's day. Oh, I'm sorry. Excuse me. 'Cupid's Day'. Wrong guess? Then tell me, Trevor. I'd really like to know."
            "I don't have a birthday, Claire. Immortal, remember?"
            He stopped, silent for a moment as she waited. "Alright. You're the only one I would tell. But if I had... to pick a day for it to be on, I'd have to say September 26th. There. Happy?" He smiled and started to walk away.
            Claire called out to him. "Why that day?"
            Trevor smiled. "That's the day I met you, Claire."
            Without another word, he turned and walked away.
            Claire smiled as he left. She thought about it for a second, surprised.
            "Happy Birthday, Trevor," she said softly.
            Then feeling an unexpected feeling of warmth pass wonderfully through her, she went back inside.