Still seated on the floor across from Claire, Trevor was chattering away to pass the time.
            "But that was still not the wildest place I've been to. There was this one time in Cairo when i found this small underground dance club that the pharoah didn't know about--" With a smile on his face, Trevor paused, engrossd in his own story, not bothering to look up to see that CLaire was not. She wached him skeptically, not believing a word of what he was saying before she abruptly interrupted him.
            "You were in Cairo, Trevor?"
            "Yeah. Lots of times. It's been awhile though... Anyway, the last time it was wet t-shirt night on the banks of the Nile. Those guys really have some ravenous appetities, including the pharoahs. Orgies that went on for days. Intresting fact, did you know that the Ancient Egyptians believed people actually thought from inside their hearts?"
            Claire smirked slightly, smiling as she leaned her head back against the elevator wall. "They must have really loved you, Trevor..."
            "Actually, they didn't. At least Cleopatra didn't. I caused her a world of trouble, but that's a different story. A lot of people weren't happy to see me sometimes. You'd be surprised at how unpopular I was."
            "I wouldn't be that suprised..."
            He went on, ignoring her tone. "Anyway, wildest party. Like I was saying there was this dance club behind a little (egyptian building) where they would--"
            Suddenly he was interrupted as Claire's cell phone rang. Already holding it impatiently in her hand, Claire gratefully jerked it up to her ear.
            "Jaclyn, where are you," she said immediately without waiting.

            Jaclyn was sitting beside Champ in his car as they raced down the darkened city streets to the building where Trevor and CLaire were trapped. She looked nervously over at Champ driving as she tried to answer the question. "I'm... sorry, Claire. We were a little... delayed."
            In the elevator, Claire blinked. "Delayed? Delayed by what?"
\             Jaclyn paused, stills earching for a reasonab;e answer. She looked up at an absolutely empty stretch of road before her, not a car in sight. "Ummm... traffic."
            "Is it bad?" Claire's voice came through the phone.
            Crossing her fingers, Jaclyn hoped he voice wasn't giving her away. "Yeah. Total madhouse out here..."
            Claire sighed, looking over at Trevor sitting across from her on the elevator floor. "Ok... Just come get us as soon as you can. I think I'm about to suffer from an overdose of Trevorality. His charms hav grown flimsier than a Jennifer Lopez award dress..."
            Jaclyn nodded, holding the dashboard as Champ raced around an empty corner, over compensating for being late. She tried to keep her head from spinnning. "Just hold tight, Claire. We're on our way..."
            Claire nodded even though Jaclyn couldn't see her. "Thanks, Jaclyn..."
            Lowering her voice, she snuck a glance at Trevor, who wasn't paying attention. "Hurry... Please..."
            "Right. Bye, Claire." Jaclyn hung up the cell phone and grabbed on as Champ squealed around another corner, tying to keep her balance in the passenger seat.
            "Champ, faster..."
            Concentrating on the road, he smiled. "Where have I heard that before?"
            Lights tarted flashing into his eyes, and a second later he realized they were reflecting off the rear view mirror and into their faces. The back windshield glowed bright with the pulsing colors as they heard a brief wail of a siren as the lights grew closer.
            Looking into the rearview mirror, Champ groaned in frustration.
            Jaclyn looked back, worried. "What's that?"
            They both looked into each other's eyes, concerned.
            "Another delay..." Champ groaned.

            CLaire looked at her watch, before finally answering Trevor. "For the last time, I don't want to argue. I've told you why it didn't work and I'm tired of talking in circles with you. Trevor, we're stuck in a small place, in an empty building... Can't we just drop it?"
            "You can't just drop how your heart feels about something. Neither can I. Too bad the high and mighty Claire Allen doesn't see it. Do you ever get saddle burn sitting on that high horse of yours?"
            "Trevor... We'll just never agree on this..." she said seriously.
            "Why not?"
            She groaned. "Because it was a stupid movie! The plot was terrible, the dialogue totally ridiculous, and that dance scene at the end. That was just... bad. No matter how much you argue, you'll never convince me otherwise."
            "Yeah, but Rachel Leigh Cook was cute."
            She sighed. "Trevor, please. It's late. I'm tired. Could we please just stop fighting for once and agree to disagree?"
            He smiled. "Sure... I'm game."
            "Thank you..."
            They were both silent for several long moments of peacful silence. But Trevor couldn't leave it at that. "So are we to the part yet wher we touch, we cuddle... and you beat my sword into a plowshare?"
            Claire groaned, looking at her watch again. "Why don't suspension cables ever brake when you want them to..."