A fantasy video vignette about the tv show, Cupid
by Steve 0yervidez

            Trevor was smiling as he sat in Claire's singles group. But he wasn't really listening, since one of the group members had decided it was his turn to drone endlessly on and on. Instead, Trevor sat there with a happy expression on his face, eyes glittering as he looked over at Claire, his thoughts bright and playful. From her seat at the front of the room, Claire looked away from the group member who was speaking, glancing over and noticing Trevor's attention on her. Not really understanding his expression, she smiled playfully back, confused, before looking away and returning her attention to the group member.
            The pleasant thoughts Trevor had been refining in his mind for the last few minutes still filled his awareness. His mind began to wander back once again to his daydream. His daydream of him and Claire. Together. No matter how unlikely that seemed sometimes. Leaning back with a smile, Trevor remembered a song he had heard, letting it play back in his mind as he started the daydream again... and dreamed of what wasn't...

            First, there was the sound of a soft heartbeat, beating calmly. Then a guitar entered, strumming a quiet, simple phrase, delicate and serene over the fading sound of the beating heart. Far overhead, shimmering, soft and lingering, the tremulous sound of strings, holding a long high note as the guitar played beneath, before resolving downward in a subtle, joyous motion, like sunlight from a dawn sky.
            Trevor could hear it all in his mind, hear it all so clearly as he sat there in the group, smiling. Hear the musical introduction ringing in his ears. He was lost in his thoughts, gazing serenely ahead into thin air, when someone touched his shoulder. Blinking, Trevor came out of it and looked up... as the lush, sentimental music continued, not stopping.
            Mike was standing beside his chair, having touched Trevor's shoulder to get his attention. Looking around, Trevor realized most everyone had already left the group. There were only a few stragglers making their way out, and Claire, packing her things up at the front. Standing, Trevor blinked as he realized he had lost track of the time. He watched Mike's lips move silently, but he heard nothing, hearing only the music still playing in his mind.
            The guitars strummed their chords softly as Trevor faced Mike, wondering what he was saying. Behind him, Claire noticed the two of them talking with a smile. She held her coat in her arms, watching Trevor fondly. With a sigh, she walked past the two of them, glancing down at Trevor's chair for a moment, before moving past, not stopping. As she left, the music still played. Claire held her breath, knowing it was done now, and there was no going back.
            As Mike started to leave, Trevor nodded, still not having a clue what Mike had just said. Leaning down to get his coat, he paused, as the music continued to play in his mind, filling the otherwise soundless room. There was something on Trevor's chair. An envelope, addressed to him.
            The chords strummed. The strings shimmered. The music played...
            Blinking, Trevor picked the envelope up, curious. There was writing on it, under his name.
            Trevor, meet me in the park, tomorrow afternoon at three. Don't open this until then. I'll be waiting...
            Intrigued, Trevor tapped the envelope against his palm, wondering who had left it there. Thinking about it, he threw his coat over his arm, walking out of CUPPA JAVA with the envelope in his hand.
            The chords strummed. The music played. And the lyrics finally began.

            Well I just heard... the news today...

            Beautiful, rich sunlight, warm and gentle, fell brightly down onto the lush green of the park from out of a crystal blue afternoon sky. Trevor's face was filled with anticipation as he stood there alone, the sun bright in his face. Pacing back and forth, he looked at the sealed envelope in his hands again, before checking his watch nervously. It was almost three o'clock already.
            Trevor stopped on the grass, standing there motionless when he felt someone behind him. Slowly, he turned around, looking over his shoulder. Claire was standing there, beautiful in the bright daylight, smiling warmly at him with her hands clasped nervously before her waist. Her face seemed to glow with an inner light, but she seemed as shaky as he felt, not saying a word.
            Trevor watched the sunlight glitter off her face, suddenly very happy to see her there. His features lifted as he walked over to her, both of them under the wide, beautiful blue expanse of a flawless afternoon sky as they stepped closer together.
            The guitars strummed. The music played.
            As he came up to her, a warm breeze danced lightly through her hair. Claire took a breath. She couldn't believe she was doing this. But there was still a joy in her eyes as she stood there with him, not trying to explain. Trevor didn't understand, smiling back at her. Biting her lip playfully, Claire's eyes glanced down at the envelope in Trevor's hands. She looked back up into his deep, brown eyes, raising an amused eyebrow.
            Blinking, Trevor finally understood. As he stood there in the sun, he ripped open the seal on the envelope.
            The music was still soft and serene around them, the only sound that was audible as guitars played, and the strings held their lush chords. All the other sounds in the park were silenced, as if listening. Another lyric rang out.

            It seems my life... is gonna change...

            The seal of the envelope glowed brightly in the sunlight as Trevor broke it. Out of nowhere, a fearful chill passed through him, wondering what was inside. It was from Claire, obviously. Pulling out the folded paper inside, he paused, suddenly reluctant. He didn't know what this was. What if... Trevor closed his eyes, feeling nervous as he took a deep breath.

            I'll close my eyes, begin to pray...

            This was it. There was no going back. Trevor opened his eyes, and delicately unfolded the paper as they both stood there together in the park. Claire watched him with a smile. Trevor's fingers were almost shaking. Eagerly he looked down, reading what Claire had written there.
            It was four simple words, and his jaw dropped. Shocked, Trevor looked up at her, not believing it. Pulling back, he read it again, and Claire laughed at his reaction, her eyes glowing happily as a breeze danced through her hair.
            The music went on, sharing in that silent moment with them.

            Then tears of joy, stream down my face...

            As Trevor looked down at the paper, his world seemed to erupt into light and warmth both at once all around him. The music grew along with the happiness blossoming across his face, drums starting up now and even more instruments coming softly in, as he read those four simple words that she had written again.
            Trevor, I love you.
            There was utter bliss on Trevor's face, shocked as he looked into Claire's beautiful brown eyes, not knowing what to say. He laughed like she had before, feeling the weight of everything else fall off his shoulders. Claire's smile glowed with a joyous light, a light meant only for him. Happy beyond belief, she finally rushed into Trevor's arms, laughing in pure joy, feeling the world spin brightly around them. Then smiling quietly, seductively, Claire slowly lifted his chin with her fingers and kissed him deeply, after she finally dropped her lips softly onto his. The kiss was long and tender, like both of them had always dreamed of doing, kissing each other without reservation, standing there together out in the open.
            With a crescendo, the music turned joyous, moving into the song's chorus, with drums coming in more prominently. The strings returned serenely above as they danced with the guitars. Warm afternoon sunlight fell clean and pure on Trevor and Claire as they held each other, there in each other's arms, standing in the unblemished perfection of a dream come true. The chorus of the song began.

            With arms wide open, under the sunlight...

            Feeling dizzy, Trevor pulled back slightly, softly holding Claire's face as he kissed her repeatedly, happily, over and over, again and again, small quick touches against her lips that made her laugh even more. Together, they felt that sun drenched world coalesce around them, serene and perfect as they held each other. Swept up by what he felt, Trevor lifted Claire off her feet, spinning her gleefully around, turning in the sunlight and lush green, as the blue sky rotated above. She watched as Trevor looked at her, saw the love in his eyes as the world spun brightly around them, dancing with them. Claire laughed with pure joy.

            Welcome to this place, I'll show you everything, with arms wide open...

            That first year together passed as quickly as a dream.
            Trevor fidgeted uncomfortably in his tuxedo as he stood beside Champ in the small room near the front of the church. Champ reached over, adjusting Trevor's tie. He wore a tuxedo too, both of them waiting nervously to go in. Champ gave Trevor a look, and off his nod, they both stepped into the waiting church.
            Trevor stopped in his spot at the front, looking at all the people who had come. He was so nervous. And happy and ecstatic at the same time. Champ was like a rock standing there beside him, a big smile on his face. Trevor knew he had chosen well, on all counts.

            Well I don't know... if I'm ready...
            To be the man... I have to be...

            Trevor smiled, not believing he was actually doing this. He loved Claire with everything he was or could ever be. He knew that without a doubt. And he knew this was right. Right for both of them. Right in both of their hearts.
            As the loud ballad continued to play, Champ and Trevor both waited in anticipation. Champ patted Trevor's shoulder, happy for him. Smiling, Trevor looked at him with fondness, squeezing Champ's shoulder gratefully in return. Turning, they both looked down the center aisle towards the back of the room. It was time.
            The back doors to the church finally swung open, and every head turned to see. Claire was there, framed by the doorframe. She was breathtaking, a perfect flawless vision of beauty beyond measure, draped delicately in a stunning white wedding dress. Her pale arm was looped through her father's, standing there at her side. Bill Allen looked at his daughter with love in his eyes, happy for her. She squeezed his forearm, eyes glowing as she smiled at him. Proudly, Bill Allen lead her down the aisle towards Trevor.
            The rock ballad continued to play raucously as the people filled pews slid slowly past. Colored streams of light angled down over the center aisle, falling through stained glass from the high ceiling. Trevor's eyes were locked on Claire, just as hers were on his. His heart beat loudly in his chest, loving her more than he had ever thought possible. Swooning simply from the expression on her face alone, as Claire walked closer, smiling flawlessly at him. He had never seen a smile more beautiful and happy as hers was when she finally came to his side. Claire's hand reached out, hovering for a moment in mid air between them. Trevor's hand came into view, taking hers firmly, their fingers interlocking, fitting perfectly together. Trevor exhaled, trying to calm himself, feeling her hand in his as they both looked at the minister before them. The song still played, lush and joyous.

            I'll take a breath, I'll take you by my side...

            The ceremony was completed. Trevor and Claire's faces slowly slid closer as they gazed adoringly into each other's eyes, finally kissing as man and wife, oblivious when the rest of the room erupted instantly into silent, raucous applause, their loud cheer of approval muted behind them. As they kissed, the light angling down onto their happy faces suddenly danced and fluttered as doves were released into the interior of the church, swooping gracefully under the high ceiling. Trevor and Claire didn't notice, still kissing as she giggled against his lips, oblivious to the dancing light and beating wings all around them.

            We stand in awe, we created life...

            The bedroom was dark, quiet. Firelight flickered tenderly off the soft skin on Claire's back as she lay over Trevor's body, kissing him as the bed sheets wrapped softly around them both. Her fingers delicately caressed his face, pushing softly through his hair as their lips met. They rolled in each other's arms, bodies cast in the fireplace's soft yellow glow, holding each other in that flickering light, each lost in the other. The sheets twisted around them in a beautiful, gentle dance. Sheer bliss filled the quiet air.
            Trevor held Claire's face, looking down adoringly into her eyes. She was everything. She meant everything. His world began and ended with her. He loved her, beyond his ability to even comprehend. Even though he was Cupid, he had never really known what love was until he had met her. Until she had come into his life. She was his life. Claire pulled Trevor down to her, kissing him gently as they both rolled out of sight on Claire's bed. The night and the tender shadows around them were soft and serene as they loved each other. The flames in the fireplace flickered gently all through that one, perfect night.
            Across the city, Trevor's bedroom was dark and empty. His string of beads hung there motionless in the silent air, as the music of the rock ballad still played on. Then slowly... a single bead slid over across the string, pushed by nothing at all, as it joined the others clustered on the far side. That bead made the count 99, leaving only one bead alone on the far side, as the music played.

            With arms wide open...

            Claire was alone as she paced nervously through her sunlit bathroom. She checked again, but nothing yet. Taking a deep breath, she tried to calm herself. Her feet were barefoot on the tiles, as morning light flowed brightly in through her window. Checking again, Claire paused, realizing it was done. With a look of wonder on her face, she picked it up, not believing her eyes.
            Claire's touch was light on Trevor's shoulder as she woke him. Laying on the bed, he looked sleepily up at her, and then came instantly awake, remembering what she had been doing when he saw her expression. Without a word he leaned forward in anticipation, knowing she had finished it. He waited, wondering what would happen.
            Claire looked at him for a long moment, and then her smile grew across her face.
            Trevor suddenly laughed as a burst of pure joy filled him. He took her into his arms, hugging her tightly. Claire kissed his neck, just relishing him there. They both held each other, happier there together than they had ever been before.
            Behind them, Trevor's beads hung ominously in Claire's bedroom, one bead shy of a hundred, forgotten. His dream of going home long since abandoned... for her.

            A slender black strand of Claire's hair was caked wetly against her forehead, her face covered in sweat. Trevor's face was next to hers as she struggled to push again, straining with the exertion as the doctor encouraged her for more from where he knelt before her. Around them, the hospital room was bright and clean. Claire cried out, and Trevor touched her face, trying to comfort her and offer her whatever support he could. Tears of exhaustion filled Claire's tired face as Trevor held her, her lips sobbing against Trevor's cheek next to hers. Finally, with one final push, she released, and the doctor pulled back. There was a small, fragile cry.
            The air seemed to pause, as both Trevor and Claire looked up, exhausted. Everything else was silent, except for the music that still played, and had been playing all along.

            Now everything has changed...

            The doctor suddenly held up their baby for them to see. Tears streaming down their faces, they both stared in awe at the small child, as they laughed softly with joy. He was beautiful. Perfect. They had a son. Trevor kissed Claire's forehead, as she wearily closed her eyes, exhausted.
            With her dressed in her hospital gown, Trevor lead Claire down the hospital hallway. She was still very tired, but she wanted to see him. Together they stood in front of the pane of glass that looked into the nursery. Trevor held her shoulders, supporting her and stepping back to give her a clear view. Claire looked lovingly down on their newborn son, her heart filling. Stepping back slightly, she nodded her head towards the glass as she looked at Trevor with a smile, offering to let him take a look. Taking a breath, he stepped forward, looking down through the glass.
            His eyes fell on the small, fragile, precious bundle of humanity lying there before him. That small, helpless shape was... his son. Trevor felt a warmth flow through him, all encompassing and complete. His heart filled like it had never filled before, filled more than he had ever thought possible, all in that one, perfect moment. A single, joyous tear fell down his cheek, as he gazed at his son in quiet wonder. He looked at Claire again, both of their gazes misting over. Softly, Claire kissed him, wiping the tear from his face.

            I"ll show you love... I'll show you everything,
            With arms wide open...

            Trevor had never known he could love someone so much beyond measuring. Standing in the hospital hallway with Claire, they both looked down through the glass. How could he love someone so much that he had barely met? Trevor felt his heart fill even more, more than he had ever dreamed possible, still holding Claire there in his arms, his head leaning contently against hers.
            Somewhere in the distance, there was sunlight in Claire's empty bedroom. Trevor's string of beads still hung there, as the last, final bead slid suddenly into view along the string, moving slowly over to join the others. It came to a rest against all the other beads on the far side of the string, making a complete one hundred. The music swelled louder, as the lyrics continued.

            With arms wide open...

            Suddenly, out of nowhere, the music broke into a loud guitar solo, powerful and full of emotion as the sting of beads shattered inexplicably, all one hundred beads falling slowly to the floor.
            Back at the hospital, a pain suddenly arched through Trevor's body as he stood beside Claire, making him stumble awkwardly to his knees. Claire blinked, seeing Trevor's face, and a panic suddenly filled her eyes. She called his name out desperately, voice full of concern, kneeling down to grab him.
            The guitar solo screamed and danced along it's melody as the music accompanied it, loud and raucous, as the string section sang above it. Beads bounced slowly off the floor in Claire's bedroom
            Trevor felt a fire sear across his shoulders, and almost in slow motion his arms stretched wordlessly out to either side, colliding with a small table nearby, tilting it over to fall slowly to the floor. His face contorted with pain. He fell to all fours as Claire held him, yelling frantically down the hallway for help.
            Trevor began to convulse, falling away from Claire. Silently screaming his name, she reached out towards him, her fingers outstretched. She was on her knees in her hospital gown, but he was out of reach, tears coming to her panicked eyes.
            Trevor's body twisted on the floor tiles. Behind him in the distance, white coated hospital workers were running down the hallway to help him. Claire crawled towards Trevor, holding his shoulders to ease his pain. She turned her head in slow motion, soundlessly screaming for any help to get there faster.
            The combined music and guitar solo was loud, raucous, tumultuous...
            Trevor's back arched as he rose to his knees, arms stretched out to either side. Suddenly there was a ripping, and Claire fell back, her eyes wide. Her feet flailed in slow motion against the floor tiles as she tried to push back, her face full of shock, not believing what she was seeing.
            The medical personnel finally ran in, but they stopped immediately in their tracks.
            A pair of ivory white wings unfolded in front of their shocked faces, having ripped through the shirt on Trevor's back. Slowly, Trevor opened his eyes, still on his knees, the pain leaving his face.
            A tear fell down Claire's cheek, bewildered eyes filling with moisture, not understanding what she was seeing. Overcoming her shock, She reached cautiously for Trevor, fingertips lightly touching the wing tip before her.
            Jaws were dropping all around, absolute shock and fear on all their faces. The wide eyed hospital workers kept their distance, not daring to come closer. Only Claire came forward.
            Trevor rose to his feet, finally breathing again. He helped a still shocked Claire up to her feet, as his wingtip accidentally grazed a picture on the wall, leaving it askew. Trevor smiled at her, and once he stood, his wings spread out to their full span.
            Inside the nursery, their child slept quietly, caring nothing at all about all the commotion beyond the window.
            Claire laughed, eyes sparkling as the wings filled her vision, Slowly she came to accept them. This was what Trevor was. It seemed so natural. He had been right all along. She fell happily into his arms, kissing him, kissing him without a single moment of fear.
            A single, white feather fluttered to the floor beside them, as the music still played, loud and joyous...

            If I had just one wish... only one demand...

            The commotion quickly spread across the hospital. People were running, moving over to watch as the small group passed, and not believing what they were seeing when they did.
            Sunlight flowed in through the windows lining one side of the hallway. Trevor was walking, holding Claire's hand between them. Claire held their child in her arms, smiling with Trevor, walking with him without shame, her eyes glowing. His wings were clearly visible for everyone to see as they continued through the stunned hospital. People were following behind. No one could believe what they were looking at. A man. A woman. And their child. Passing calmly by, but with large white wings spreading out from the man's back.
            The door opened onto the hospital roof, and Trevor and Claire stepped out into the light. Behind them, a small crowd of stunned hospital workers and patients followed, no one knowing exactly what to say, as they all came out onto the rooftop.
            Taking a breath of fresh air, Trevor turned to Claire, looking down at their son in her arms. He was wrapped and bundled tightly in thick blankets, but there was sunlight on his small face. The baby's eyes slowly opened, and he looked up at Trevor, seeing Trevor's wings outlined against the blue sky. The baby smiled serenely, awkwardly bobbing a tiny arm out toward him. Trevor offered forth a finger, and the child gripped it tightly with his tiny hand, going back to sleep.

            I hope he's not like me... I hope he understands...

            Once their son went back to sleep, Trevor turned and looked up, up at all the open, blue sky around them. Eyes bright, he turned to Claire. She was already smiling, knowing him so well. The sunlight was warm and clear on them both. The cloudless sky above was a flawless, rich blue, pure and inviting in the still, calm air. Claire laughed, and nodded towards Trevor with her approval, just as curious herself. Trevor kissed her, holding her face as his lips lingered on hers, knowing he would come back to her in a moment, no matter what. A gentle breeze flowed over them, dancing in Claire's black tresses.
            Trevor stepped back, turning slowly and looking away. Suddenly he felt a little cautious, standing there on the high rooftop. Pebbles crunched on the flooring underneath him as he turned in place. He looked over at the clear path before him. It was an unobstructed stretch of a dozen feet or so, to the edge of the roof. The lyrics continued through the all encompassing music all around, the music having never stopped.

            That he can take this life... take it by the hand...

            Trevor exhaled, and then he began to run. The air swept across his face as his feet pounded across the rooftop, pebbles crunched and kicked up beneath his steps. Vents and ducts rushed past in a blur on either side. Trevor never slowed as the edge of the rooftop raced towards him, a deep gulf of air opening beyond it.

            And he can greet the world... with arms wide open...

            Trevor didn't stop, running forward. Throwing his head back, he closed his eyes, feet stepping into nothing as he spread his arms out to either side, his wings also spreading behind them as he flung himself off the edge of the roof at a full sprint.
            Trevor's body suddenly began to fall beneath him... and then finally, he swooped...
            Then the sun was on his face again, coming out of the shadow of the building as the air flowed intoxicatingly over his skin. It was as if all his weight had suddenly left him, his wings catching the breeze at last, spread wide and dazzling white in the sunlight. As he rose higher, the distant criss-cross pattern of sidewalks and green lawns fell away beneath him, leaving the hospital rooftop behind as a pure joy erupted through his soul.

            With arms wide open... under the sunlight...

            Trevor was flying. He had never felt so alive in his life. The horizon tilted in the sunlight before him, angling to one side as he banked, his body turning as the skyscrapers all around glittered clean and perfect against a clear blue sky. He felt free. Impossibly free, and the world rotated beneath him.
            Claire watched Trevor, laughing as a tear fell down her cheek. The child in her arms opened it's eyes again, spotting Trevor in the distance. The baby reached out with it's tiny hand, recognizing him. Claire laughed, lifting the child higher to give him a better view. They both watched Trevor soaring through the sky.
            Trevor hurtled through the air, a sudden feeling of rapturous electricity flowing through him as his wings pushed him through the wide blue. Beneath him, the leaves of the trees started to dance silently in some unseen breeze, as if picking up on his joy. In slow motion, a few of their leaves began to flutter down to the sidewalks below, like celebratory confetti. The crisp air rippled through Trevor's feathers, as he smiled in the sunlight. Rising slightly to clear some of the unused streetlights in the bright sun, they suddenly burst into sparks behind him, sending thick showers of tiny golden stars falling slowly down between the dropping leaves in the bright afternoon light, both slowly bouncing and fluttering off the sidewalks below.
            Trevor took it all in, enjoying it with all he was, but still eager to go back to Claire. To her and their child. But... not yet...
            Spotting something, Trevor tilted his trajectory downward, a wave of exhilaration filling him as the ground rushed towards him.
            Oblivious to what was going on, Dr. Frechette was walking along the sidewalk, arms filled with case files, when suddenly he had to duck out of the way, as Trevor swooped low over him, laughing as he rose back into the sky. The case files scattered across the sidewalk as Frechette looked up, bewildered at what he was seeing. He straightened his glasses, not believing his eyes. Freschette finally realized something. He had finally... gone completely insane.
            Inside the hospital, a nurse finally came off her break, wondering what all the commotion had been about out here earlier. She walked back to the pediatric station and started up on her work again, registering new birth certificates into the computer. She picked up the next one, and blinked when she read the name that had been chosen. A son, born to Claire and Trevor Hale. Name: Bliss.
            The nurse blinked at the name. Baby Bliss. She laughed, thinking about it. Why not? With a smile, she entered the information, already going to the next certificate.
            Claire lifted Baby Bliss higher in her arms to let him watch Trevor swooping back and forth. As she shifted his weight, she noticed something fall out of his blanket. Claire bent down, curious as she picked it up. Her eyes widened when she saw what it was.
            It was a small, baby sized, white feather.
            Turning, she looked at the sleepy baby in her arms with wonder, but the baby only smiled at her, sweetly.

            Suddenly the music stopped, the daydream broken as a voice called out, breaking the mental image.
            "Dr. Allen?"
            Claire's thoughts suddenly jerked back to awareness, as the last lingering remnants of her daydream faded away with the music. She suddenly remembered where she was. Claire was still sitting in front of her singles group at CUPPA JAVA. One of the group members had called out to her, a confused look on his face. He had just finished a long explanation of what had happened to him on his date last night, and Claire had never replied, staring off into nothing. Claire hadn't heard any of it, having been lost in her daydream.
            Taking a breath, she apologized to the group member, explaining that her mind had wandered. She snuck a quick glance at Trevor, sitting at the back of the room.
            Trevor was staring off into space too, a big smile on his face. Smiling at what he was seeing in his mind, lost in his thoughts. He closed his eyes, tilting his head upward as if he felt a sunlit breeze on his face. Claire smiled, knowing exactly what Trevor's daydream was. Because she had seen it for herself. For once in her life, she knew exactly what was going on inside Trevor's head.
            Leaning back in her chair with a small smile, Claire decided not to interrupt him, letting him enjoy the daydream while it lasted. Her face glowed too, lit by the pleasant memories of her own daydream. The same dream. Finally she went back to her group. But her voice was lighter, her eyes bright, and the happy smile never left her face.