Another poem submission by RWNichols
(This guy keeps getting better and better...)

She walks on clouds through golden slumbers,
Where she appears there is tranquility.
Heavenly creature, bathed in light, so unencumbered...
A passing glance brings elation, she just has that ability.
As brilliantly composed as a rainbow from a rain,
No longer flowering, but rather in full bloom.
Her presence brings relief from suffering and pain,
A glowing aura follows when she enters a room.
Like the pedal of a rose, delicate to the touch,
Her spirit set free as a butterfly in its final stage.
  She's gleaming with confidence, though never too much,
Her book of life has turned a page...  
  One look from her could easily melt a Titanic block of ice,
A vision of perfection with an incandescent face.  
 A kiss blown from those supple lips is one way she'll entice,
  From her, the weary dreamer longs for sweet embrace.