Jaclyn is writing a small essay, A second opinion of Trevor hale, a.k.a. Cupid, god of love as a counter to Claire's book. As she does she sits and remembers, thinking back seven days


Jaclyn and Champ, while sitting at Taggerty's, cook up a scheme to get Trevor to fall in love with Jaclyn by pretending to be attracted to Champ and vice versa. They manuever Trevor and Claire to switch to where Claire is helping Champ, and Trevor is helping Jaclyn, so she can spend time with him. The first session between Trevor and Claire goes well, they have a good time together. Champ is left in a daze by Claire's droning on psych concepts, since she's over doing it to beat Trevor at his own game.

Trevor tries to teach Jaclyn to walk sexy, but she falls into his arms (perhaps on purpose..) and they are inches from kissing before she starts tickling and chasing him arouind the apartment.

With a stack of books, Champ is about to send a dozen roses to his current girlfriend DEBBIE, but on a whim, sends them to Jaclyn instead

Later that night, Trevor and Claire have dinner arguing how to get Jaclyn and Champ together. He's more interested in a sex appeal approach, while she's trying to improve Champ's insides so he can see Jaclyn's soul.

Meanwhile, at the same time, Champ and Jaclyn are having dinner, trying to find reasons to keep themseleves apart so Jaclyn can spend a longer time with Trevor. They have difficulty doing so for a while, realizing their attraction for each other. Finally they settle on Debbie as a 'plot comlication' Agreeing to stage a fake argumtent in the park tommorrow when they know Trevor and Claire will be watching.

Frank walks in on Trevor and Claire having dinner and realizes how natural they seem together. Trevor leaves, leaving Frank to wonder how Claire feels and how he should feel.

Jaclyn and Champ approach each other in the park the next day. Trevor is watching form a distance on one side of the park, Claire from a coffee shop at the other. Champ and Jaclyn do some harmless flirting for their benifit, but talk normally, knowing they can't be heard. Jaclyn thanks Champ for the flowers she got that morning. He feels good about it, until she adds "It was a nice touch" and he realizes she thinks it was part of the ruse and not a genuine gesture. Jaclyn suddenly has an idea, an improv. "Kiss me." "What?" Champ asks in suprise. "Kiss me and then I'll slap you. That's what our argument can be about. And maybe it'll make Trevor jealous. Unless you don't want to-" Champ doesn't let her finish, rushing forward to kiss her, deeply. Surprised by it, Jaclyn joins in. It is a VERY REAL kiss. In a daze they seperate, which Champ is snapped out of when Jaclyn slaps him, beginning the fake argument. They keep their faces and body movements going like their angry and arguing, but both are elated and trying not to giggle as they talk. Jaclyn flashes him a small smile and says good work, see you tommorrow. And that it was a GOOD kiss. Champ watches her leave, and wonders what was real. The cell phone Claire let him borrow rings. It's Claire. "Didn't I talk about respecting her boundries?" She says. Champ says nothing, hanging up on her as he thinks about jaclyn and turns away.

Champ and Claire are in her office talking, a very sober conversation. He tells her that he thinks of Jaclyn all the time. that he tries to find excuses to be with her. Claire offers her advice, and tells him to be patient. We don't really know how much of what Champ is saying is real. Neither does he.

Frank and Claire are having dinner at a restaurant. He's happy for a "Trevorless" evening for once, but he's not mean about it, just subdued. He asks her if she has feelings for Trevor. She says no, their just friends. And she's writing a book about him. Besides, it would be unethical for her to date Trevor even if she wanted to. Frank asks, "I guess the real question is, do you want to?"

Trevor suddenly shows up, saying he and Claire need an emergency meeting after the "slap fiasco" in the park. Claire wants to go, but after Franks accusations, makes a point of saying she 's spending the evening with her boyfriend, and it can wait until the morning. Saddened, Trevor leaves, and watches them kissing in the restaurant from outside as he looks through the window. He suddenly realizes how jealous he feels.

Claire goes to her office early the next morning, and is suprised to see Trevor there. "You did say morning." he explains. "Yes I did. Before I realized who I was talking to." Trevor is still a little hurt at how she didn't want to see him last night, so he's very curt. He explains that he's arranged for a double date tonight, Champ and Jaclyn, and he and her as chaperones. Is she in or not? Claire reluctantly agrees, and Trevor leaves in a huff.

The four of them arrive at dinner together. Trevor is thinking of Claire. Jaclyn is thinking of Trevor. Champ is thinking of Jaclyn. Claire is thinking about what Frank said. The song by Matchbox 20 "back to good" (only a small snippet) plays, the lyrics are

Everyone here, knows everyone here is thinking about Somebody else , It's best if we all keep it under our heads

I couldn't tell, if anyone here was feeling the way I do But I'm lonely now, and I don't know how To get it back to good

Suddenly, GLENDA from the script 'Company pier' arrives in the restauraunt, sending Claire into a tizzy because she]ll be fired if she's seen on a 'date' with Trevor. The quickly switch Champ and Trevor's seats, making Jaclyn happy next to Trevor and Trevor and Champ sad. Then Champ notices Debbie, who he cancled a date with that night. He explains she's a 'crazy' ex who still thinks their dating. Jaclyn plays along and confirms this, not wanting to mess up the ruse or Champ's 'real' relationship. SO as DEBBIE storms over, Claire scoots over to sit with Jaclyn and Trevor. DEBBIE asks what's going on, Champ explains that he's celebrating his friends new relationship. Seeing two guys and two girls, Debbie's suspicious. "Which one?" she asks. "Both!" Trevor replies, putting his arms around both Claire and Jaclyn. "We're kinda kinky that way. Stiffly Claire plays along. Jaclyn has a little more fun with it, kissing Trevor on the cheek. Suspicious, Debbie leaves anyway.

Trevor's eyes go wide when he spots GLENDA again and he darts under the table quickly, causing Jaclyn and Claire to fall together accidently just as Glenda spots them. "We're very close," Claire explains. She suddenly jumps, Trevor is tickling her from beneath the table, then he tickles Jaclyn as well, as if their playing footsie. GLENDA thinks she see's what's goin on and leaves. Trevor comes out from under the table. "It was good for me" he says. Then Debbie passes again, and they switch. But Glenda passes at the same time and they switch again. Finally, everyone is confused as to who's playing what where, not knowing where to sit and remaining standing.

Champ wakes up the next morning and answers his door. It's Jaclyn, saying Trevor invited her and making her hopeful that the plan is working. Trevor instead says the kiss in the park was real and they should admit their feelings. Jaclyn says it wasn't real, still wanting to spend more time with Trevor. Champ plays along, wanting to spend more time with Jaclyn planning the ruse. Trevor backs them into a corner, saying unless they kiss again and prove him wrong, he's not helping them anymore. With no choice, they are centimeters from kissing when DEBBIE barges in unannounced, becoming furious at the sight of them almost kissing. Champ takes her back into the hallway to explain secretly that it's a ruse. Awkwardly, Jaclyn says maybe Champ could use some help, and he joins them in the hallway. Trevor whistles to himself, as if nothing is out of the ordinary.

Champ and Jaclyn succeed in convincing Debbie it was all a ruse to get Jaclyn and Trevor together. She insits on being 'written in'. Champ is reluctant because she's a VERY BAD actress, but is left with no choice. DEbbie rushes in and overacts, saying that Champ was leaving her to pursue her feelings for Jaclyn. Jaclyn and Champ moan, it's a bad performance. Debbie leaves, and Champ and jaclyn seperate quickly before anything else can go wrong.

Claire is alone at her office, writing a new chapter of her book about Trevor, when she hears Jaclyn talking to Champ. She listens, hoping to gain some knowledge that might help get them together. Jaclyn tells Champ the ruse has gone too far, they were almost caught with Debbie. It's time to end. She can always pretend to be heartbroken and have Trevor comfort her. So they plan to stage a scene at Taggerty's where Champ goes 'back' to Debbie. Claire, having heard, rushes to tell Trevor

He tells her "I know." Claire is shocked. "You know?" "Yeah. I've know all along. I'm the god of love. Don't you think I've played every game in the book?" Claire chastises. "This isn't a game, Trevor! Jaclyn could get hurt." "She won't Claire. They both have feelings, real feelings for each other. All I need is at least one more day. One of them will crack and reveal how they feel." Reluctantly, Claire agrees, but only one more day, no risk greater than that.

Everyone meets at Taggery's the next day. Champ, Jaclyn, Claire, Trevor and Debbie. Champ goes into his 'act' where's he's supposed to go back to Debbie. He explains to Trevor that he really was dating her, but wanted to give Jaclyn a shot, until he decided to go back to DEBBIE, since it's the only real chance he's got. But instead, he tells Debbie how... how he loves Jaclyn. Debbie tears up (she'd never be this good an actress) because she knows what Champ is saying is real and not in the script. Jaclyn is shocked. Debbie leaves crying, and Jaclyn takes Champ into a corner. "What are you doing?" "I'm being honest." "But what about the plan? What if Trevor finds out?" Trevor speaks up. "I already know." Jaclyn looks crestfallen. Trevor explains. "You and Champ belong together, I know you see that." Jaclyn runs out in tears, surprising Trevor and Champ, not the reaction either expected. Claire whispers acidly to Trevor," Well played, eros..." and goes after Jaclyn. Champ turns to Trevor. "I thought she liked me..." Champ says. Still stunned at how badly his plan went, Trevor says softly, "So did I."

Claire catches jaclyn in the street, she's in tears and upset. She tries to explain that there's no way for her to love Trevor because there's no 'real' Trevor to love beyond his delusion. Angry, Jaclyn turns on Claire."Jealous!?" She regrets that almost instantly and falls crying into Claire's arms. "I love him Claire." she sobs. Claire holds her close, trying to comfort her. "I know..." but she doesn't explain what that means.

Despondent, Trevor goes home to an empty and dark apartment. He finds Jaclyn waiting there in the shadows. She expalins that she's been thinking. What Champ did took a lot of courage, revealing his feelinks with the risks involved. Maybe she should give her feelings a shot, like he did. She walks closer. Trevor doesn't notice, thinking she's talking about Champ and happy again. Then without warning, Jaclyn kisses Trevor full on the mouth. Trevor pulls her gently back. "Jaclyn, don't."

"I love you, Trevor. I know you could love me."


"If you would just give me a chance." She tries to kiss him again.

More forcefully, but trying to be gentle, he pulls away. "Jaclyn stop."

She's in tears. "WHy? WHy should I stop? WHat makes me so horrible to you?"

"It's not that...you're beauiful. Very beautiful. Just as smart and charming too."

"Then.... What?"

Trevor sighs, not wanting to say it, but knowing he has to.

"Because I don't... love you."

Jaclyn is devestated, tears flow freely." Because you love...her?" she says weakly.

Trevor wipes away his own tear, seeing how much he's hurt her. "Yeah. Yeah, I guess I do." Jaclyn starts to leave.

"Jaclyn, wait..."

She doesn't listen and is gone.

Suddenly Champ steps from the darkness of the upper floor, surprising Trevor. Trevor asks "You were here the entire time and Jaclyn didn't know?"

"Yeah. Of course she didn't know. She wasn't looking for me, she was waiting for you. And...maybe... I could have saved us all alot heartache if I had realized that from the beginning...." Saddened, Champ returns upstairs in the dark.

Trevor decides to go find Jaclyn, maybe he can comfort her somehow. When he opens the front door she's standing there. "Tell her," She says simply, and turns away. Trevor chases her. "WHy should I do that?"

Jaclyn looks at him. "Champ had the courage to admit his feelings. So did I, even though it crushed both our hearts. And we're just two small mortals. The god of love should find the courage... to live up to our example." Still in tears Jaclyn leaves.

Claire enters her office, hanging up her cell phone after she tries to call Jaclyn again. Hoping to do a little writing on her book to get her mind off what happenned. She see's her notebook computer open and on where she left it. As she flips on the light, she realizes with a start that Trevor's sitting there in the dark. He starts's to speak.

"You know, Jaclyn and Champ taught me something today..."

Claire looks at her computer, wondering if he saw it since she's tried to keep her book about him secret all this time (Is this consistent? I don't recall an instance where Trevor found out, and she did seem to want to keep it secret...) But Claire realizes Trevor's so caught up in what he's saying that he hasn't seen her computer. She edges towards it, hoping to shut it off. Trevor stands up, talking about how he should have the courage to admit his feelings. Trevor looks out the window standing behind her desk. Claire inches closer to her computer.

"So Claire, there's something I need to tell you, I'm in-" Trevor turns and stops in mid-sentence. Claire closes her eyes and deflates, knowing its too late.

"Trevor..." she tries to explain.

Trevor reads the screen. CHAPTER 11: Bankruptcy and Misguided Arrows. "What's this?"

"Trevor, I can explain."

"You're writing a book about me?" Trevor starts seeing his time with her in a new light. His world crashes. "All the time we spent together.."

"Trevor, it's not like that."

"All the times I thought you wanted to be with me because you wanted to be with me. That I thought you CARED..."

"Trevor, I do care, I-"

"How long?"

"Trevor it doesn't-"


Claire pauses, not wanting to say it, but knowing she has to. "SInce I've known you. I've been writing it since I've known you."

A tear goes down Trevor's face, and maybe for the first time he know how jaclyn and Champ felt. Without a word, he starts to leave.

Claire stops him. "Trevor, this isn't all that you mean to me. You mean so much more."

He looks at her, eyes misty. "There was a time... when I would have believed that."

he leaves, And Claire doen't know what to say to make it better.

Upset at how things have gone, needing some sense of validation, some sense of intimacy, she calls Frank. "Frank, I know you think I have feelings for Trevor. That's I'm pushing you away because of that. That's why I think... we should move in together."


"Yeah, really."

"That's great. I love you so much."

"I love you too. I'll come over in a few minutes."

"Great. Can't wait. Bye."

Claire hangs up, tears in her eyes as she sees where Trevor left. She turns away.


Various scenes of Trevor moping, Jaclyn moping, Champ moping, Claire hugging Frank, but thinking sadly of Trevor.

Some say love, it is a river that drowns the tender reed.

Some say love, it is a razor that leaves your soul to bleed.

Some say love, it is a hunger, an endless aching need.

I say love, it is a flower, and you it's only seed.

It's the heart afraid of breaking that never learns to dance.

It's the dream afraid of waking that never takes the chance.

It's the one who won't be taken, who cannot seem to give,

and the soul afraid of dyin' that never learns to live.


Jaclyn writes in her impromptu essay

So Claire eventually told me how Trevor found out about the book, about how he'd be afriad that was all anyone would see him as, as a delusional psychotic. So I offer this second opinion. Of Trevor hale, the all too fallible god of love, who's love is unrequited, but that doesn't matter. Because his heart was in the right place. That's why after all this, I still love him. I still believe he's Cupid, god of love. And I think he should know that...

Jaclyn places the book on Trevor's doorstep, along with a single rose, as she knocks on the door and leaves.

....that some of us, do believe.

Trevor answers the door as the montage continues.

When the night has been too lonely and the road has been to long,

and you think that love is only for the lucky and the strong

, just remember in the winter far beneath the winter snows

Jaclyn walks down the sidewalk, knowing this too must pass, and eventually she'll feel better. Trevor reads her manuscript and smiles, seeing himself in a better light. Claire moves Franks things into her apartment. Champ holds some momento I haven't decided on yet, about his ruse with Jaclyn, and feels that maybe it was enough.

lies the seed that with the sun's love in the spring becomes the rose.

Trevor closes the manuscript, and the story ends...