A poem about the tv show, Cupid.
by Steve Oyervidez

It happened on the way to Olympus one day

a delusional god fell to a hospital stay

Thinking he's Cupid his delusion is exposed

For the sake of his psyche, it's to her that he goes

Two yearning, lonely hearts came together that day

one is judged insane by one almost that way

While she tries to cure, and to help him to heal

he strives to ensure what true love reveals

She's more than his doctor, she's a touchstone and friend

He's more than her patient, sometimes it's she he mends

They walk and they dance, drift close but pull apart

Denying the romance, and the truth of their hearts

She can't help but laugh for he's sure to make her smile

even knowing that he's delusional all the while

He always closely keeps, every laugh that they've had

wondering somewhere deep if mortality's not so bad

They argue and they bicker, they banter and they fight

like candles that glow and flicker, but who's light always unites

They're far much more together, than they are when they're apart

Like they've been so forever, complete from the start

Deep down they really know, but will never dare reveal

they'll never ever show the true love that they feel

But if and when they do, we all know how it goes

Once the tension's through, it's the end of the show.

yeah, sure it would be.... ;)