-Three months after the events of When the bow breaks....

Trevor has finally healed enough to walk and though still requiring a cane, goes in for work at Taggerty's. Champ and several others are there as he enters, and they applaud lightly, glad to have him back. Trevor looks over and see's Claire watching from a distant table. She looks away, pretending not to be watching. Trevor still greets some other people in the bar, until he see's her get up and leave. He quickly(or not so quickly, not able to move so fast) goes after her, following her out onto the street.

"Claire! Claire wait! We really need to talk about this.'

"There's nothing to talk about, Trevor." She doesn't turn, still walking.

Trevor tries to catch up, still a little sore. "I know you've been avoiding me..."

"It's for the best, Trevor. I'm not your therapist any more."

"Why? I haven't seen you for three months. I mean after you told me that you couldn't treat me any more...I think i deserve an explanation."

"I can't be your therapist any%20more, Trevor. It just wouldn't be right, considering everything. There's no great secret. That's all there is to it."

"Claire, you can't drop a bombshell like that and walk away without talking to me. What did I do wrong? If you could just tell me-"

"Trevor," Claire turned and stopped, facing him. "It's over. This-" she waved between them, "us, it's done with. that's all. Sometimes people move on.'

"Move on? You've really moved on, Claire. You're dating my therapist, Dr. Dementia-"

Claire, rolls her eyes. "Richard's last name is Dehnt, not dementia-"

"Same difference. WHat, are you with him to keep tabs on me? Pillow talk to continue your book? And speaking of moving on, why were you sitting at Taggerty's' just now when you must have know I was coming in."

"I wanted to see if you're okay, Trevor. But I never intended to talk to you. So, goodbye. Have a nice... imaginary life. I'm glad I knew you, Trevor."

"Claire, wait. Claire..." She doesn't stop, leaving Trevor behind. dumbstruck. He finally throws his cane, frustrated he can't move any faster. "I'm tired of falling behind..." he mutters.

The next scene is Trevor in session with Dr. Dehnt. trevor is obviously uncomfortable, no where as at ease as he was with Claire. Richard looks at him, trying to help him. He had been assigned to trevor after Claire had stopped treating him, since he's had some experience(although considering what happened to Mary, not very good experience) treating this mythological delusions. Richard speaks. "So Trevor. Let me ask you again. Tell me about your Cupid delusion."

Trevor shakes his head. "DO you always have to call it that?"

"Yes. Yes i do. Tell me how the delusion benefits you. WHat do you gain from it?"

"I don't gain from it. There are no benefits. It's why i am. it's why i'm here. It' who I am. I can't change that."

"But how does it make your life better, Trevor?" Richard writes in a notepad.

Trevor looks at him writing, suspiciously. "It doesn't."

"Then why do you cling to it?"

Trevor looks away, face hard when he realizes Dehnt won't give him an inch. he says nothing.

"why are you hiding in the Cupid delusion, Trevor?"

"It's not a del-"

"WHat are you running from? What are you hiding from the world?"

"Maybe I'm not hiding from the world, maybe I'm hiding from the gods."

That caught Dehnt's interest. "WHat do you mean?"

"When I was shot... when I almost died, they didn't lift a finger to help me."

"And you think they arranged to have you shot? fated it in some way? Is that why you're hiding from them?"

"maybe they don't want me back. Maybe it's what they sent me here for. WHat they want to happen. I was that close to dying. An inch over and, I would have been gone, done. They never helped me. No more Trevor Hale. No more Cupid."

Richard looked at him. "No more delusions?"

Trevor glared at him.

Richard put down his pencil. "Trevor, sometimes it's better to accept things the way they are..."

As richard continues, Trevor remembers. Remembers going to Claire's office recently. It's empty, no one has moved in yet. Sadly, he looked away, and as he remembers doing that, Trevor can still here Richard's voice. "Sometimes Trevor, we have to face that reality. No matter how difficult it seems. Sometimes it's better to just let go..."

Trevor looked up, mind back in RIchard's office. he 's silent for a while, eyes slightly misty. He doesn't now what to say as richard watches him. Finally he nods. "Maybe... maybe your right." Trevor rubs his forehead and closes his eyes, bowing his head. In his memories, he turns away from Claire's now empty office and walks away.

Next scene is Claire at home on the phone with her publisher. She's been working full time now on her book. the publisher is saying that from what she's read of the book, the segment's she's sent, that it's a good book. Publisher loves the scene where Trevor get's shot, felt it. Claire interrupts, saying it's not just some yarn. Trevor really got hurt. SHe's a little angry at how callous the publisher is. The publisher realizes he's upset her. he's says it's still good work. Claire says she only wishes it had a better ending, that she had been able to cure Trevor of his delusion. Publisher says that it will sell anyway. People love the mystery of unsolved conundrums. Besides, it leaves room for a follow up book. Claire laughs without mirth. "There won't be any follow up book about Trevor." Publisher say's "Well, that's ashame." He asks when is she sending the completed manuscript? Claire looks over at her desk, to a large vanilla envelope that obviously contains the completed book, wrapped ready to be sent. She closes her eyes. "I... I haven't finished it yet."

Trevor is in doctor's office again, talking to him. "tell me about you're romantic entanglements."

Trevor knocks on her e door, finds Jaclyn inside of her apartment. Jaclyn smiles and asks him in, happy to see him.

Trevor glared at his doctor after asking the romantic entanglement's question. "why do you want to know? How is that relevant to the Cupid thing?"

Trevor sits on Jaclyn's couch, as she sits across from him, sprawled in Champ's arms. They both seem to be talking to him, but he's not really listening.

Richard looks at Trevor, "It's relevant to you, trevor. To who you are. To why you cling to the Cupid delusion. Obviously, the delusion is based on some romantic Trauma, exploring aspects of that..." As Trevor sits in the office, he's not really listening to Dr. Dehnt either.

In JAclyn's apartment, both Jaclyn and Champ smile as they stop and look over at Trevor. "So, what do you think? Should we live together?" Trevor is staring away, mind somewhere else. He pops back to awareness. "WHat? Oh. Yeah. Sure. You'd be great for each other. It's a great idea. I'm very happy for you." Champ and Jaclyn let out a breath, happy for his approval and happy he took it so well. They notice Trevor's distraction. JAclyn give's him a worried look. "Trevor? What's wrong?"

Trevor looks at Richard. He sets his face as he answers the doctor's question. "there are no romantic entanglement's".

Richard looks at him. "Yes. Yes. there is. SOmewhere there is. It's why you embraced the Cupid delusion in the first place. It's why you hold on to it now."

Trevor looked into Jaclyn's eyes, trying to answer her question. "It's nothing Jaclyn. I'm just a little distracted. But I've been meaning to ask you. You spend time with Claire right?" "Yeah, I saw her yesterday at lunch." Trevor looked at her sadly. "Did she ask about me?"

Trevor shook his head angrily, glaring at Dr. Dehnt as he sat in his office. "Romantic entanglements. You shrinks are all alike! You could twist a pickle into a pear, a mountain into unresolved issues with rock, and then charge out the butt to do it. It's so easy asking such personal questions let's see how you like it. So tell me Doc. Does Claire still like to come to bed in that black nighty?"

Richard glared back, suspicious. "that information is none of your business..."

"See? it's really a pain when other people try to butt in. But why Am I telling you? That's you bread and butter."

Richard looked at Trevor, a tinge of jealousy in his voice. "How do you know about Claire's black nighty?"

Jaclyn took a breath, as if she had dreaded Trevor's question, and knew it would come. SHe kept her voice level, trying to keep the lie just as Claire had asked. "No, trevor. She didn't mention you."

"ALex gave it to her. He told me. Loved rubbing my face in it whenever he could..."

Richard nodded, growing a little calmer. He thought about it, before writing into his pad, out of sight from Trevor. Is Mr. Hale attracted to Claire? Richard circled it with his pencil.

Richard and Claire are having dinner. Claire looks up at him reluctant to speak, but she does anyway. She asks how he's doing with Trevor. RIchard says there's been no progress. Claire asks "but he's alright, right?" Richard nods, "he seems okay otherwise. A bit confrontational." Claire nods. "He can get that way sometimes." She pauses. "is he happy?" Richard looks at her, surprised by her interest. "ABout the same as before," he lies. Claire looks down. "Does he ask about me?" Richard watched her. "No. No he doesn't. And I doubt if he will." Claire seems disappointed. "ohhh." RIchard tries to sound casual. "Actually, i'm on a tract that says he might have some feelings for you. I think he's afraid to talk about you." Claire tires to calm herself. "Really? i... i had no idea." Richard looked at her. "Did you ever see any indication of that while you were treating him?" Claire smiled slightly, memories of millions of innuendoes popping into her head. She starts to lie sort of badly. "No, no... I don't think I ever saw any." "I assumed you sensed it, Claire. Otherwise you wouldn't have dropped him as a patient." Claire looked at him. "I only dropped him because I was making no progress in his treatment." Richard nods. "Hmm. Still, it's good you did. He was developing feelings for you." Claire pokes at her food, not really sure how to feel.

Trevor is walking beside Jaclyn, heading home. They're talking about Claire, as Jaclyn updates him on the things in Claire's life. Jaclyn says she's finished her book, and that she seems happy with Dr. Dehnt. Trevor asks. Seems? jaclyn shrugs, says sometimes she wonders. Trevor nods, asks her to be truthful. Does she really never ask about me? Jaclyn looks at him sadly. In the end she shakes her head no. Trevor nods, and looks down.

Next morning, Claire is about to send off her manuscript but can't bring herself to leave it at the post office. She takes it with her and walks back home. Trevor's there waiting. She tries to hurry inside. "trevor, you can't be here." "I just want to talk, Claire. Share some old times. I miss you." Claire pauses. "Thank you, Trevor." Sge closes the door on him.

Richard is in his office questioning Trevor again, suspicions growing. "So you have feelings for DR. Allen." Trevor shakes his head. "No I don't." RIchard continues. "these feelings you have. they may be similar some how to what caused you to fall into the Cupid delusion in the first place. Delusional constructs tend to reinforce themselves." Trevor looks at Richard. "You think Any feeling I would have for Claire would just be a tool for reinforcement of my delusion? You're the one who's dating her. You should now that being attracted or having feeling s for Claire could be from a multitude of reasons..." Richard smiled, believing he had scored a point. "So you DO have feelings for-" Trevor interrupted. "No I don't"

Claire opens her door, to find Jaclyn there. Jaclyn explains that Trevor is miserable. That she doesn't understand why she has to lie about Claire asking about him. Claire says that she saw what happened with Mary. How when the delusion, Trevor has breaks it could go very wrong. SHe knows he has feelings for her. But she has to step aside. SHe won't be the one to push Trevor over. jaclyn asks why she left him in the first place. Claire finally admits that, she's never told anyone else this, well, the nurse at Trevor's bedside, but that doesn't count, but she admits to Jalcyn that she loves Trevor. SHe's in love with him. Something Trevor can't know. Ever. Claire asks Jaclyn to understand. She nods.

ANother session between Dehnt and Trevor, this one is already a shouting match, on Trevor's part. He rant's on. "You take someone who's unique, who's different and you label him. You categorize him as 'psychotic'. Because he doesn't fit your preordained standards of what a person should be. At least in old times, well, old to you, they had the honesty to carry torches and pitchforks." RIchard tries to calm him. "I'm not out to get you, Trevor. the gods are not out to get you. I'm just trying to make you well." RIchard is angry at Trevor, sensing his feelings for Claire. trevor continues. "You can't let me believe what I believe if it's not what you believe? What kind of life is that for someone to have? Limiting the world to your own set of rules and ignoring the rest. Walking around with one eye closed all day! WHich one of us is Crazy here?" Richard has had enough, fed up at trevor not making progress, fed up with Trevor. "This session is over, trevor."

Claire thinks to herself. SHe's torn, torn between her feelings for Trevor and all the things she know that keep them apart. She can't feed into his delusion, or be certain of anything. She almost decides to tell him, get it all out in the open. SHe dials his number. trevor listens in silence for a while. "Hello? Anyone there?" After a few seconds, somehow he knows it's her. "Claire?" SHe hangs up immediately. Her fingers tap on the undelivered manuscript by the phone. "What am I doing?" she whispers.

Doctor Dehnt flashes his credentials, and goes in to the psyche ward to see MAry. He asks her if she ever saw any indication that Trevor was attracted to Claire or vice versa.

Richard, after having talked with Mary, seems angry as he asks Claire again if she ever saw any indication he was interested in her. Claire says that Trevor hit on everyone, but she seems more uncomfortable with any specifics. He asks why she hasn't delivered her book. SHe lies and says she's not happy with the ending. DOctor says nothing, angry she's covering for him, beginning to suspect she has feelings for Trevor too.

Trevor corners Claire on the street. He know that was her on the phone. WHy won't she talk to him. Trevor's emotional, hurt, apologetic. Claire decides she can't hurt him any more, and admits that she loves him. Trevor's face light' up. He seems happy. "That's great! I've always loved-" That's the exact response Claire was afraid to see. "No Trevor! There's no great here." "But why not? You love me, I love you, what's the problem?" Claire looks at him. "You are." "WHat?" "I can't love a man who isn't a real man. Who think's he's Cupid." "Claire, that's who I am." "And that's why I can't let myself love you. So. Now you know." Claire starts to walk away. Trevor follows. "Wait. You can't just run out on this. On us. I'm Cupid. I can't change that. WHat do you expect me to do?" Claire turns, angry and tears in her eyes. "What do you think I expect! What have I been trying to do since the day I met you? i've been trying to find out who you really are. ANd yes, I think I love you! YEs I think about you all the time! YEs, I', miserable! But until you give up being Cupid, none of that's going to change. Not until you show me the real you!" "THis is the real me!" Claire glared at him. "Well, I'm sorry, Trevor. It's either Cupid or me." A tear goes down her cheek and she wipes it as she turns and walks away.

(Music montage begins to Alanis Morrisettes's "That I would Be Good.")

Trevor goes home, looks up at the beads on a string in his bedroom, thinks about all he's given up for his mission. He suddenly gets angry, and knocks the hanging string from the wall, and the beads clatter to the floor like rain...

Claire cries in her home, wondering if it was the right thing telling him.

Trevor downs a shot a Taggerty's, just as a couple bump into each other. Instead of steering them together, trevor lets it pass.

Claire watches him, seeing what he did, wondering how that makes him better.

Richard comes into Claire's apartment and sees her crying, He realizes It's because of trevor, and resolves himself to do something about it.

Trevor is drunk, falls into an alley.

Richard finishes typing something. He closes his eyes, not sure he should do this. In the end, still angry at Trevor he finishes it and sends it off.

Claire again can't send her manuscript.

Trevor throws out his bead and string, dumping them into a trash can.

(End montage)

Trevor is talking to Richard. "Do you think you make her happy?" "Trevor, what-?" "You ever consider that you might be in her way?" "Trevor, what did Claire tell you?" "Nothing. She told me nothing."

Richard spends time with Claire, realizes how he feels. "I love you, Claire. I'd do anything for you." Claire smiles sadly, but can't bring herself to say it back.

Trevor finally hears about what Dr. DEhnt is doing. He's furious, rushed to Richard's office, furious as U2's "In the name of love" plays. He bursts in. Richard tries to calm him. "Trevor, it's for the best." "You're committing me?" "You're not making any progress. It's not final yet, there's still some last reviews to attend, but-" Trevor realizes. "You know." "WHat?" "You know that Claire doesn't love you. You think I'm the reason, but I'm not." "I don't know what you're talking about Trevor." "Admit it, you think Claire loves me, that's why you're doing this. To get me out of the way." "trevor, I-" "Be a man and admit it, Dr. " Richard is suddenly furious. "FIne! I'll admit it. I know what I know. It's time you were out of her life." Trevor can't believe it. "You don't give a damn about Claire! All you want to do is protect your own relationship by keeping us apart! She's never told me she loved me! You know I don't need to be committed!" "Of course I know that Trevor! But this is for your own good, regardless!" "No, it's for your own good, Richard. No one else." "You're right. I think she's in love with you and it sickens me. How she could love a smug, arrogant psychotic like you! I can give her so much more than you'll ever be able to! She needs to move on instead of loving a psychotic. So yes, it may be good for me, but it's better for Claire. Maybe she'll move on. And maybe you can finally get the help you need."

Claire is at home, when she gets a call. A friend tells her what Richard is petitioning to do to Trevor. SHe rushes over to his office.

Trevor is still arguing with Richard. "You can't make her love you!" Richard looks at him. "MAybe not. Not yet. But she'll come around." Trevor starts to leave. "It'll never work. I've fooled those boards before. I'll do it again." RIchard stops him. "Stay away from Claire, Trevor." he warns. Trevor turns on him. "Or what!" RIchard smiles. "I talked to MAry a few days back. Remember her?" Trevor paused. Richard continued. "SHe followed you for some time. SAw a lot of things. Saw you kissing Claire. Now," Richard looked at him meaningfully, "if that were to get out..." Trevor couldn't believe it. "You bastard." RIchard thought about it, unconcerned. "I'm not really sure what she told me ever happened. SHe is sort of a nut after all. And obsessed with you. But I'm sure I could make the professional review board believe her. I could ruin Claire's career. It would be so easy. WHo knows what they would dig up after something like that starts. Would they find anything else Trevor?" Trevor is silent, furious. Richard comes closer. "But that's all up to you. Trevor." "Don't you dare do this to her. Don't you dare hurt her." Richard smiled. "Stay away from her, trevor. Or don't and be committed to a psych hospital. I'll do what I have to, even if it costs her her career. But either way... I win."

Trevor felt his hand shake as he balled it into a fist. Just as Claire opened the door behind him he acted. "Claire screamed at him when she saw. "Trevor, no!" Trevor punched Richard right in the face. Claire rushed over to hold Trevor back, holding him in her arms. "Trevor, what have you done...." She has tears in her eyes, looking at DEhnt on the floor, as he watches them. Lip bleeding, richard smiles up at them, not really upset by seeing her hold him because he know's with that one punch, he's really won.

Trevor finally leaves. Richard says he'll be detained before he sets foot on the sidewalk. Claire turns on Richard, saying she knows why he's doing this too. She'll have him exposed and license removed for misconduct. Richard says he doesn't think trevor will let it come to that. Claire leaves searching for Trevor. She finds him, calming down a couple of hallways over. SHe runs into his arms. He pushes her softly away, after relishing her close. He tells her not to worry, that he'll handle it.

Sometime later, Claire is before a review board, called to address her concerns for Richard's conduct. She admits she has no proof. Richard smiles and says he'd like to call trevor to the stand, who even though he still has an impending hearing on being committed, will still verify Richard's story. trevor comes forward. He reaches into his pocket and produces a small tape machine. He presses play. The entire conversation, the argument with Trevor and Richard is played for the review board.

Richard is adamant. Angry, he claims CLaire has feelings for Trevor, Mary will co-oberate his story. Official says the tape seems to indicate that that would be questionable accuracy too. Richard is put on suspension until a new therapist can be assigned to Trevor, upon which his hearing to be committed will be evaluated.

Claire stops Trevor. "How did you...?" referring to the tape. Trevor smiles ,and says he after she heard what had happened to him, he got some help from a new friend who he had helped find true love. Trevor glances to the back of the room, where Glenda is smiling at him, holding an intern's hand.

Jaclyn is happy as Trevor leaves, wondering if this means her and Trevor can finally. Claire says that there was still the matter of not getting Trevor committed, since he did punch his therapist.

Trevor goes home and rehangs his string of beads, realizing he can't change what he is. He wonders what to do about Claire.

ALone, Claire goes to the observation deck where she knows Trevor goes sometimes, but he's not there. She just tried to turn in her book manuscript again, but couldn't. She thinks about trevor. Maybe she should give it all up to be with him. But another therapist might not be as forgiving as she is. Another therapist might commit him. So she decides, for Trevor's sake, to not be anything more than his therapist again. She sacrifices her love for his freedom. Pulling out her manuscript, she realizes something. SHe flings it off the deck with a smile. The papers flutter down in a cloud onto the distant street below, making people look up. Claire is content. She'll help Trevor. Maybe someday she'll cure him and they can be together. But she would make sure he wasn't locked up. that he had a chance.

Trevor is thoughtful. Even though Richard was wrong, a lot of what he said struck close to home. He think's about what he needs to do, as he waits for word on being committed. He decides not to wait.

Claire is before Trevor's review board. They agree to reassign him to her, and to give her her case load. They won't commit Trevor as long as he's in her care, "unless circumstances change, of course." Claire nods, happy. She runs to find Trevor. WHen she goes into his apartment, she sees Champ there. He looks worried, sad, hands her a not. Trevor's gone. The note says he'll miss her, but he can't let himself be committed. And sometimes it's best to move on.

At that moment, Trevor boards a bus. He takes one last look at Chicago, before the door closes and the bus pulls away.